Poet’s Garden Alchemist

was born with the idea to not only bring toxic free, good quality skincare to all, but also to support amazing poets and writers all across the world.


Skincare & poetry books

When I came across the website of Poet’s Garden Alchemist I was immediately in love.

I’ve been more aware of what I take in and put on my skin for a while now. I have stopped consuming alcohol and meat and am trying to make more conscious choices when it comes to buying clothes and the cosmetic products I use.

This is the process of awakening.

The products and story of Poet’s Garden Alchemist fit in perfectly with my view on the world.

Besides that, they are big fan of poetry and support poets in their work as much as they can. For example, they have published a poem of mine on their site and added my poetrybook Between Worlds to their webstore!

By the way, their shop in Breckenridge – CO is opening in November 2022! You will find my poetrybook there also. If you are near, be sure to visit their  wonderful store.

I am a big fan of them and their products, so I decided to team up with them. I am happy to announce that you get 10% discount in their webstore when you use my personal coupon code!

Click the button below to go to the coupon code.

You’ll also receive my Monthly Magic newsletter, starting with the poem that was published by Poet’s Garden Alchemist.

I wish you a beautiful skin, love and inspiration.

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