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Discover, create and live your life story!

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‘Book of Life’ is an online course for people who want to learn their life story using the sacred and healing power of Intuitive Writing.

You are here to write your story!

Life is a great learning journey and everytime you enter this space you grow more and more into the promise of your Soul.

This lifetime is even more special than previous lifetimes. We are in a beginning time and there is a portal to great spiritual healing and ascension. But, you have to go all in to take advantage of this opportunity to experience exponential growth.

To be able to do so, you need to be aware of your current story first.  The purpose of Intuitive Writing is not to write beautiful lyrics, it is a means to let your soul float to the surface, which could lead to magnificent and profound words or poetry, but that is not the goal.

The Book of Life – course is an online program to guide you on your soul journey – to explore, create and live your truth and essence – using Intuitive Writing exercises. You have to unravel the mystery of yourself first.

I can help you with that!

Be Budding

Intuitive Writer ◊ Poet ◊ Soul Purpose Guide

Be Budding writer

Who is Be Budding

About Be Budding

My name is Bianca, an intuitive writer and soul purpose guide, and Be Budding is my penname.

Be Budding means:

You hold a promise and you are here to live it

In 2019 I finally gave in. I surrendered to the calling inside. This was the begin of my souljourney.

I started writing from my intuition and got to know myself on a deeper level. A part of me I had forgotten floated to the surface. Now, I wish this for you too!

Through my Book of Life Program I help you to discover, create and live your dreamlife by writing your own story, using weekly Intuitive Writing exercises.

It is time to write your Soul alive!

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Your ‘Book of Life’

In this course you are going to write your ‘Book of Life’!

You discover your current story, create a new story and start living your best story. It is an online program which uses intuitive writing exercises, divided into the three chapters:

Discover your Life –  Create your Life – Live your Life.

Chapter One is about becoming aware of your beliefs and inner stories. In Chapter Two you are going write about the life story you desire to create. The assignments in Chapter Three give you tools to build your life as you envision it.

what is intuitive writing

The Three Chapters of your Book of Life:

Discover your Life
~ start to hear your life story
Create your Life
~ start to create your life story
Live your Life
~ start to live your life story


“Intuitive Writing is creating with your heart,
and not with your mind.”

A transformational writing journey…

Discover your Life

Uncover your thoughts and beliefs and get in touch with yourself.

100 27

Create your Life

Paint the picture of a new way to be inspired by your soul blueprint.

€ 127

Live your Life

Take inspired action to start living the life you came to create.

€ 227

When you buy the Complete Book of Life – Program

you don’t pay € 454 (all chapters excl discount chapter one),

you don’t even pay € 381 (all chapters incl discount chapter one),


you pay only € 350 !!

Start the complete Book of Life – course and pay € 350 instead of € 454.
Payment in all currencies through creditcard and paypal.

It is time to write yourself alive!

Are you ready?
Yes, I AM!

What you receive:


Chapter One ~ Discover your Life:
intuitive writing exercises spread over 3 weeks and
a workbook with a resource list.
Chapter Two ~ Create your Life:
intuitive writing exercises incl. video spread over 3 weeks and a workbook with a resource list.
Chapter Three ~ Live your Life:
intuitive writing exercises incl. videos spread over 3 weeks, a workbook with resources AND lifetime access to a private community.
book of life

The most important questions in life can never be

answered by anyone else but yourself.

The Book of Life is a layered program, which means you can’t go to the next chapter before finishing writing the previous one. Each chapter will take one month. You receive weekly emails, for 3 weeks per chapter. It would be to much – emotional and practical – to digest it all at once.

After those three weeks you have a week of rest, because every creative and healing act also needs silence and rest to take root. After this week of rest, the next chapter will be opened and send to you. At the end of each chapter you have the possibility to book a zoom-call in case you need support. The first call is for free.

Within 3 months you have written your own Book of Life, which gives you great insight and guidance to move to the next level of your Soul Blueprint. The Book of Life is your map to the life you Soul dreamed of. In this course you write yourself alive and discover what you are all about and what your future holds.

You were born for this!

Are you ready to go on the Intuitive Writing Journey?

Yes, let's do this!

Chapter One –
Discover your Life


When you are not in a position to start the complete Book of Life – course but you DO hear the calling to do this inner healing work through intuitive writing, then it is also possible to pay each chapter separately and start with Chapter One ‘Discover your Life’ first.

Try out Chapter One of
the Book of Life Program


for only € 27 !!

Start Chapter One – Discover your Life for € 27 instead of € 100

Payment in all currencies.

I followed the writing course ‘Discover your Life’ by Be Budding to understand myself better and it did meet my expectations. I mostly loved the magical correlation between simplicity and depth of things. The Intuitive Writing exercises gave me a lot of insights. I strongly recommend this course to my friends and other writers!

Dr. Zainab Ansari

Professor and Author, @whitepurplezainu

Love to see you inside!

Be Budding

Intuitive Writer ◊ Poet ◊ Soul Purpose Guide

Be Budding writer

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Book of Life

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