Heal and Write


A Spiritual Healing and Writing Journey

Seven days of Intuitive Writing

to Heal and Transform old Beliefs & Karmic stories!

Your Soul has something to tell you..

are you ready to step out of your karmic loop?

Connect to your Soul & Heal through Intuitive Writing

We all lived through lifetimes to arrive at this point of our Souljourney. We are in a beginning time now.
A time where we can release the old stories and step into new ones.

Old karmic and ancestral stories which have been confronting us through our life experiences over and over again. But this lifetime is special. It holds a promise.

Healing is about collecting all your lost parts and start to remember your Magic!

We have the option to tie the loose threads together and weave a new tapestry.
The circle can be completed, if we choose to.

Change your Story and you will change your Life!

In this Intuitive Writing Intensive I guide you through the 7 MOST IMPORTANT THEMES in life. These are the areas to write about and heal, so you can step into the new with a clean slate.

It is time to step through the portal of your Soul Promise.

Be Budding

Intuitive Writer ◊ Poet ◊ Soul Purpose Guide

be budding

Who is Be Budding

intuitive writer clairsentient

Hi, my name is Bianca,
intuitive writer and soul purpose guide,
and Be Budding is my penname.

Be Budding means:

You hold a promise and you are here to live it

In 2019 I finally gave in. I surrendered to the calling inside; I needed to write! This was the begin of my healing journey.

I started to journal from my intuition and got to know myself on a deeper level. A part of me I had forgotten floated to the surface.

Now, I wish this for you too!

Through the Heal and Write – Intensive you will learn how Intuitive Writing can be your spiritual guide, supporting you on your path to self-healing and deep-rooted self-love.

It is time to Heal & Write!

It is time to heal!

Start the Intuitive Writing Intensive now.
Yes, I am ready

“Intuitive Writing is healing, not only mentally, but physically as well;
it reduces stress, lowers your heart rate and improves your immune system.

It connects your Body and Soul and you’ll find Inner Peace.”

An Intensive Intuitive Writing & Healing Journey…

heal and write

The Seven Themes of
Heal and Write







rumi healing

7 days of Intuitive Writing exercises 

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After payment you will be asked to enter your name and e-mail.
The exercises are sent to you by e-mail spread over seven days in a row.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me here.

Be Budding

Intuitive Writer ◊ Poet ◊ Soul Purpose Guide

be budding

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Heal and Write


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