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When I started my writing journey and deciced to make a book out of my poetry, a friend recommended me to follow the Course ’40 Days To A Finished Book’ from Leonie Dawson.

I decided to check it out and that decision opened up another world to me!

Leonie is very enthusiastic and her energy radiates through her work and courses. That has truly helped me to keep motivated and to really believe that it was also possible for me to actually write and publish a book.

You can see the result: on November 19, 2021 I published my debut poetry book called ‘Between Worlds’.
A collection of 44 poems that spread love, light and magic into this world. And in the meanwhile my second poetry book ‘When…Two Worlds Meet’ is also born!

But it is not only Leonie’s energy that supported me along the way, with her courses you receive a lot of knowledge and insights for little money.

Online courses which I followed…

40days To Create an Online Course

Learn from an online course master who has created over 150 courses and sold over $10m in e-courses.

Finish Your Book in 40 Days

Finish your book in 40 days with the coaching & success tips of internationally best-selling author.

Sales Star

Learn how to earn money with this intensive salespage & copywriting masterclass from Leonie Dawson.

Everything you need to grow your business including popular & proven
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Leonie has been able to achieve all her dreams and
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In her Courses she shares her Success Secrets and you receive:

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