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This is a special poem from my poetry collection ‘When…Two Worlds Meet’ which came to me through the energy of an amazing tree.

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I met
The pixie dust tree

She gave me new energy

I embraced her
And felt the presence
Of Middle Earth

So above
So below

Through the navel cord

She is the belly
The center of all life

The string along
Which Starbeings and Earthlings

Where life transcends
And Souls incarnate

She is the gate

Powerful but vulnerable
Hidden to those who mean harm

But today I was led to her
She did no longer want to wait

She called my name

And I came

Guided by air and light
I decided to welcome her sign

To follow the path

To ask…yes, to ask

To reinforce my memory
My soulpurpose

My chance

To contribute my part
To this life

The era of change

And she did activate
My uniqueness, my special and own Light

Now I know
I have another guide

Showing me the way
I am not alone anymore

I am here to Light-Up-The-World

Together with all my fellow Soulmates

It is time to float
To remember and embrace

What was known
In the old ages

In the vast space
Of the Cosmos
And the deep caves
Of this green and blue planet

We are here to anchor
The Interstellar Essence

The Source of Life

To balance
To integrate 

To let the old die
And birth the new

To be the opening
To push through

What Earth and Sky once knew

Let’s connect the few
The ones who know

Let’s follow them in their footsteps
Let them be the ones to guide us