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This is a poem from my poetry collection ‘When…Two Worlds Meet’ which came to me through Intuitive Writing. It describes all parts coming together. The seven parts, our chakra’s. But also the seven generations that came before us and will come after us. We truly are the Bridge. By healing ourselves, our broken hearts, we can be the Rainbow – which also contains the 7 colors of the chakra’s – Bridge between these timelines.

Now, connect with your safe space, lay your hand on your heart while you read those words and let the energy, the healing power and the deep and profound message of this poem enter your heart and soul.

You are loved and cared for.


Bianca ~ Be Budding

Poem ‘Puzzle’


The work is not

To leave this house

 The work is

To stay


 To do the work


You are born

To root


To appreciate and grow

To stay


Gracefully returning to

And reclaiming

Your Essence

Your strength




It is


In this room

This space that is uniquely created

To serve you

Your Soul

To become whole again

All 7 parts – The Ancestral Stars –
Are ready to start

Their journey

To fly

Back to you

And soon…very soon


If you will stay, ground,
deepen, surrender, learn
and grow


You will know

All the pieces of your heart

That wanted to be known,
understood and loved


So they could reunite

The puzzle solved.