Poet’s Garden Alchemist

was born with the idea to not only bring toxic free, good quality skincare to all, but also to support amazing poets and writers all across the world.


Skincare & poetry

When I came across the website of Poet’s Garden Alchemist I immediately fell in love with her mission;

toxic free good quality skincare and support amazing writers and poets all over the world!

I’ve been more aware of what I take in and put on my skin. I stopped consuming alcohol and meat and am making more conscious choices when it comes to buying clothes and the cosmetic products I use.

This is the process of awakening to your Soul…

The products and story of Poet’s Garden Alchemist fit in perfectly with my view on the world!

Besides that, Virginia is a big fan of poetry and supports poets as much as she can. For example, she published a poem of mine on her blog & poem site and promoted my debut poetrybook Between Worlds on her website.

As a great lover of her brand & products, we decided to team up and I am happy to announce that you get

10% discount on all products in her webstore.

You’ll also receive my Meaningful Moments newsletter, starting with the poem that was published by Poet’s Garden Alchemist.

If you wish for a beautiful skin, a lot of inspiration and soulsister love, buy local and support small businesses like Poet’s Garden Alchemist.

poets garden alchemist

My favorite natural skin products…


This regenerative moisturizer is lightweight, non-greasy &


Antioxidant that improves the look of skin tone and provides your face
with nourishing vitamins.


This lightweight smoothing night moisturizer rejuvenates and
nourishes your skin.

She also sells wonderful mineral makeup!

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