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Through the Black Bird’s Eye another world is being revealed


Can you see behind the veil?

Read the Message

The poem ‘Black Bird’s Eye’ entered my consciousness through intuitive writing.

It offered me a powerful insight in my own life journey. The words are not only meant for me though. It contains an important message about the world and how we perceive it.

Not everything is what it seems…

I hope the words will inspire you to become the observer of your own life. Only then you will be able to receive the messages from behind-the-scenes; the space between all spaces.

Behind the Veil

Here you can connect with the force that is behind all creation. Here you can hear your Soul speak. It is your Secret Sacred Garden.

The Secret Sacred Garden is a place
where you can find your Self over and over again.

In my upcoming intuitive writing course ‘Know Yourself’ you are guided to your own safe, unique and authentic Sacred Space. This is the starting point of your journey into other realms. 

Become an Insider

I ask you again: ‘Can you read the message behind all things?’ Become an insider in our own life and connect with the luminous space within.

The place where the whole Universe resides.

In my course ‘Know Yourself’ I help you to connect with your own Sacred Space through video’s and exercises.

I guide you to a state-of-being that allows you to receive valuable and in-depth gifts straight from Source Energy; the force behind all life.

Just like I did by automatic writing in this poem. Enjoy!


Bianca ~Be Budding


Black Bird’s Eye


“The raindrops

On the window

Are like little Pearls


Of Light

Spreading a message

For those who can see it

A little black bird


Like the Algorithm

Up and down

The Hunger Games

Are completely played out

The gamerules

Treated with care

For those who can see

The absurdity

Is in plain sight

Not hidden

But in the spotlight

For those who see

A new life awaits behind the glossy Pearls and the Black Bird’s eye

She flies

Oh how she flies…


The time of waiting has passed by.
Spread our wings and fly.


The Universe always speaks in cryptic language.
Learn to unravel the message.


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