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“Bianca the butterfly…peeking out from under the leaves, where the fairies live with angel wings, spinning through the sunshine, zip zip zoom, leaving a trail of pixie dust…”

~ Chris McNutt

Hi, I’m Bianca

I live with my husband, three children, dog, rabbit and three chickens in a small town near Amsterdam – The Netherlands.

In 2019 I felt a deep inner calling to turn my life around which was the begin of my transformation from an administrative legal assistant into an intuitive writer.

During my former work I often suffered from my sensitivity as a HSP (high sensitive person). Working in open-plan offices with a lot of distractions caused me to suffer from migraines and burn-out.

Now, in my rediscovered purpose my sentience is a gift that allows me to connect with myself, other souls, spirit, the universe and nature.

With my creative work I hope to motivate and support people on their heroine’s journey, like Carl Jung has called this process of self-exploration, and grow into their own purpose, promise and potential.


Be Budding

Spiritual Writing Experience

I always keep exploring. These are some of the courses I have followed the past few years:

Bestsellers Masterclass by New York bestselling author, speaker and spirit junkie Gabby Bernstein;
Publishing Master Class by poetess Wattney Lander;
Poetic Serie Still Possible by poet David Whyte;
Telepathic Writing Salon by author and energy-worker Christel Janssen;
Kore Program by artist, novelist, songwriter and healer Adi Kanda;
Starseed Workshop by galactic priestess Inge van Straalen;
DreamCircle Member & Meditation Course Starseeds Rise To Shine by Tessa Koop Cosmic Woman;
Archetype Series by adventurer and academic Elisabeth Fuch;
Creative Writing Course Write Your Career – Coach by Marianne Panneman;
Book Writer’s Bootcamp by Hay House;
Member Writers Community by Hay House;
Publishing Course 40 Days To A Finished Book by international bestselling author Leonie Dawson.

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Books By Be Budding

Courses By Be Budding

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