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To all the Fallen Stars.


~ May the Darkness illuminate your Light ~

~ Be Budding

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Poetry Book

A World Unseen

“A World Unseen” is part of The Worlds Series, a creative and courageous exploration of the feminine and masculine energies as they navigate through time and space.

The words of this 3rd book are a raw and honest reflection of the journey into the depths of darkness to find the light and speak to the struggle,
the understanding, and the ultimate acceptance of the darkness as an essential part of existence.

This poetry collection is showing a side we not initially want to accept and show, it is confronting, revealing vulnerabilities and harsh truths.

Yet, through this confrontation, meaning and completeness can be found.

This poetry book is a manifestation of a transformative journey through incarnations, and hopefully makes you feel less alone on this journey of love & life.

What people say:

“A World Unseen is not just a book, it is an EXPERIENCE!”

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Excerpt from the Book

I didn’t want this book
I didn’t want to go into the darkness
I didn’t want to show my weakness
I didn’t want to know the truth about this World, that Darkness lives here too

I didn’t want to enter this space
As the Light Being that I am
I love the Light
It feeds my Soul
I hate Darkness though

Why do I hate the Darkness so?
When it is part of this world too

They say there is no Light without Darkness
That’s why I have to travel within
Into the Darkness
Deeper into the well
Of my own inner voice

Maybe I will find meaning there
Maybe I will finally understand
Why this world is as it is

Maybe, in the Darkness I
Will find my complete Self

Be my own witness.

Special Features

The poetry in “A World Unseen” is accompanied by links to music & colorful images that enhances the narrative, creating a multisensory experience that brings the words to life.

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