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Be the Promise of your Soul!!

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to find out for yourself.”


~ Glinda – The Good Witch by The Wizard of Oz


Hi, I’m Bianca!

I’m an intuitive writer, poet, mystic and purpose guide.

Under my pen name Be Budding I’ve (self) published poetry books and novels.

The word ‘budding’ means the opening of a flower or showing signs of a promise in a particular sphere.

I believe everyone holds a promise and we live to remember it.

Through my words I invite you into your soul journey…

Be Budding

Poems on Spirituality, Nature, and The Heroine's Journey

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My Words

Debut Poetry Book:
Between Worlds

Tarot Deck:
Between Worlds

card deck Between Worlds

Second Poetry Book:
When…Two Words Meet

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