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Be the Promise of your Soul!!

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to find out for yourself.”


~ Glinda – The Good Witch by The Wizard of Oz


Beautiful Soul

Welcome to the website of Be Budding, the pen name
of Bianca; an intuitive writer, poet, and soul purpose guide.

The name ‘Budding’ signifies the opening of a flower, symbolizing promise and potential.

In 2019, Bianca embarked on a profound inner journey to reconnect with her true self, leading her to write from a place of deep intuition. 

She believes everyone holds a promise and we live to remember it!

Her (poetry) books & courses are a manifestation of her transformative journey through which she invites you to also walk your own Soul & Hero Journey…

Poems on Spirituality, Nature, and The Heroine's Journey

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Books & Decks

Debut Poetry Book:
Between Worlds

Tarot Deck:
Between Worlds

card deck Between Worlds

Second Poetry Book:
When…Two Words Meet

girl with the pearl

Upcoming: Book III in The Worlds Series!

A World Unseen

On June 17 – 2024 Be Budding will release her third poetry book in The Worlds Series – following her poetry collections Between Worlds and When…Two Worlds Meet.

In this book Be Budding continues the spiritual, karmic and soul & poetic journey, as she explores the Darkness.

A poetic & musical dance between the Shadow and the Light.

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Online Courses

7-day e-course:
Heal & Write

heal and write

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Discover your Life


3-month e-course:
Book of Life

book of life


Dive into your Inner World and start
the Journey of Healing, Awakening and Living your Soul Story!
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