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Be the Promise of your Soul!!

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to find out for yourself.”


~ Glinda – The Good Witch by The Wizard of Oz


Hi, I am Bianca

Welcome to my website named after my penname Be Budding. I am an author, writing coach, and offer my knowledge as a (self) publishing PA.

The name ‘Budding’ signifies the opening of a flower, symbolizing promise and potential.

In 2019, I embarked on a profound inner journey to reconnect with my true self, leading me to write from a place of deep intuition. 

I believe everyone holds a promise and we live to remember it!

My (poetry) books & courses are a manifestation of my transformative journey through which I invite you to also walk your own Soul & Hero Journey…

Poems on Spirituality, Nature, and The Heroine's Journey

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Soul Awakening

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NEW: Book III in The Worlds Series!

A World Unseen

On June 17 – 2024 Be Budding released her third poetry book: A World Unseen in The Worlds Series – following her poetry collections Between Worlds and When…Two Worlds Meet.

In this book, Be Budding takes you on a spiritual, karmic and soul & poetic journey, as she explores the Darkness.

A poetic & musical dance between the Shadow and the Light.

Debut Poetry Book:
Between Worlds

Tarot Deck:
Between Worlds

card deck Between Worlds

Second Poetry Book:
When…Two Words Meet

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Summer Solstice Sale

3 Powerful Reasons To Write!

  • Healing Trauma; did you know that writing can be a powerful tool for healing? Scientific research shows that expressive writing helps process and heal trauma, reducing stress and improving mental health.
  • The Joy of Creating; writing isn’t just about words on a page, it’s about the joy of creating and playing with ideas. When we write, we tap into our creativity, explore new worlds, and bring our imagination to life.
  • Sharing Your Story or Knowledge; everyone has a story to tell or knowledge to share. Whether it’s your life story, a poem, or valuable insights, your words matter.

To support you on your writing journey I’ve created the Write Your Heart Out E-Course. NOW 50% OFF to celebrate mid-year!

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Summer Solstice Sale: Write Your Heart Out!








7-day healing e-course:
Heal Yourself

7 days of writing to break patterns incl Intuitive Writing Guide & Sacred Space Meditation

3-month purpose e-course:
Know Yourself

Know Yourself Soul Purpose Course

1-year e-journal:
Write your Heart Out!

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Dive into your Inner World and start
the Journey of Healing, Awakening and Living your Soul Story!
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Self/Publishing PA

About Be Budding

Spiritual and Practical

You have a message to share; story to tell; poetry to give, but you just don’t know how to bring your book into the world?
I can help!

With 5+ years of experience in the (self)publishing world, I have a lot of knowledge to share and practical tools to offer.

As a self/publishing PA I can help you achieve your publishing dream on short term through one of my service-packages.

Or follow one of my profound and practical courses to Self Publish Like A Pro, or to Write A Professional Book Proposal to pitch to a publishing house (unsolicited submissions), or literary agent.

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