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“My mission is to help you find your true Soul Purpose through the practice of Intuitive Writing, so you can live the magical, meaningful and enlightened life you are meant to live.”

~ Be Budding

Intuitive Writing

What is Intuitive Writing?

Intuitive Writing, or soul writing, is writing from your Higher Self.

Through your Higher Self, also called your Soul, you can connect to ALL;
spirit, your spirit guides, the Universe, past, present and future, so on and so forth.

Intuitive Writing is writing from your heart instead of your head using the technique of automatic or free writing. It puts you in a meditative state of consciousness where you can connect with all that is.

Therefor it is very important to create a safe and grounded foundation to start this work.

If you want to learn more about this sacred spritual practice download my free guide below.

Lots of Love,

Be Budding

FREE: Intuitive Writing Guide

  • My journey and how I became an Intuitive Writer
  • Tips and Benefits of Intuitive Writing
  • Exercise to start Connecting, Healing & Writing 

Surprised, inspired, motivated, supported!

The Intuitive Writing Guide by Be Budding is so comprehensive AND takes you through the process step by step.

It more than surpassed my expectations – so much love and care has gone into it.

Thank you for offering another gift to the world, behind your own poetry, a powerful invitation to expand my own writing practice.

Will Johnson

Accountant I Poet I Courage Coach, Founder of The Will Johnson Journey

I felt guided, held, safe and supported.

The content of the Intuitive Writing Guide is just beautiful!

I feel like I know you more, you outlined everything and explained things in such a supportive way.

It felt like you where here with me. My expectations where greatly exceeded. It felt like home, it unlocked a part of me I had protected for so long.

Nicola Riley

Seasonology Coach, The Whispers of Nature


Be Budding

Hi! My name is Be Budding. I am a self-published poet, soul purpose guide and intuitive writer living in The Netherlands.

‘Budding’ means the opening of a flower or showing signs of a promise in a particular sphere.

“Everyone holds a promise and we live to remember it.”

My mission is to help you connect deeply with your Soul & find your Purpose using Intuitive Writing.

intuitive writer be budding

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to find out for yourself.”

~ The Wizard of Oz

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Poetry Book Between Worlds

Debut Poetry Serie

Between Worlds

Poetry Book Between Worlds is my  debut poetry book. The poems read like affirmations which inspire you to explore and connect with inner peace, love and magic. The words will help you to grow into yourself…

Work Book Between Worlds is a creative writing journal with prompts from the poetry book, which guides you to discover your own stories, soul signature and the reason why you are here…

Card Deck Between Worlds is a deck of 44 inspiration cards with pieces from the poetry book to unleash the power of imagination and guide you through the adventure of ‘life’

Between Worlds is an exquisite collection of poetry that speaks to the most honest and tender parts of the soul.

These poems read like mantras, like devotions, like prayers to weary hearts lost within the chaotic distractions of modern life. 

Author Be Budding challenges us to open the doorway to intuitive guidance, and we should all listen.


Between Worlds is a beautiful book both inside and out.

Every poem is written with love and wisdom. The first poem I opened to is called ‘Time Traveler’ and it immediately spoke to my heart which got me excited to read the rest of the poems.

The poems in this book remind us of who we truly are, and of the miracle that life is. If you are looking for a book that will feed your soul, this is one of them.


Second Poetry Book

When…Two Worlds Meet

When…Two Worlds Meet is my second spiritual poetry collection and the sequal on Between Worlds.

This collection contains over 90 poems, channeled through Intuitive Writing, in connection to Source Energy.

Between Worlds reflects on moving from Darkness into Light, while When…Two Worlds Meet is about integrating both parts and by doing so, grounding and Birthing your Soul into Being.

I started reading the new poetrybook ‘When …Two Worlds Meet’ by Be Budding today and felt a connection right away.

The topics at the beginning of the book are the ones that are also present in my life.
You immediately took me with you on a deep inner journey. The poems touched me in a very profound way.

I look forward to reading the rest of the book!


digital artist

The poetry of ‘When…Two Worlds Meet’ is uplifting –  without denying the dark side of life – inspiring and encourages reflection and meditation.

Where Soul and Earth meet, Be Budding knows how to give words. Every morning before my meditation I read a poem.

I highly recommend this book, for moments of support, inspiration and pure universal love on paper.


ayurvedic practitioner


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Fair Poetic Wear

Budding Heart Collection

The Budding Heart Collection is a co-creation with
happy hearted tee, and is born out our shared love for
poetry, soft colors and fair high quality products.

My intuitive channeled words combined with
Karin’s sustainable brand resulted in a promising
and heartfelt fair wear collection: budding heart.

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