When…Two Worlds Meet

A Spiritual Poetry Collection

 ~ Birth your Soul into Being ~

“Open up the pages

Read, follow, listen,

Don’t be hasty, all is in time

When…Two Worlds Meet, you are being realigned”

~ Be Budding

Poetry Collection

When…Two Worlds Meet

by Be Budding

When…Two Worlds Meet is a spiritual poetry collection with more than 90 poems!

Poetry that help you to anchor and spread your Starseed Magic on Earth.

The poems of When…Two Worlds Meet

invite, inspire and motivate you to uncover your Star Magic and let
your Light shine through your incarnation in this Lifetime.

For so long we have hidden our true selves.
The masculine and feminine was out of balance.
Our Body and Soul were seperate.

Now, we are called by Mother Earth to do the sacred healing work.

In this lifetime we remember what was given to us and we start to
re-unite all our parts, in order to restore paradise.

Tune into the grid – which is carefully put into place all over the world –
read these words channeled through intuitive writing and…

enter the Higher Frequency of Love the reconnects All.

When…Two Worlds Meet

The Poetry Collection

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