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How to Create A Life
you don’t have to get away from.


“Each time life asks you to choose,

you have the opportunity to heal and evaluate yourself.”


In this blog on how to create a life you don’t have to get away from, I would like to talk to you about living your life wholeheartedly.

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Live Wholeheartedly

We all have doubt and tend to live life safely.

Should I take that jump?
Should I take that risk?
What if I don’t make it?

What will people think and say about me?
Will they think I have become mad, crazy?

This is all fearful thinking, and we know it. Yet, we are afraid of losing all we have. All that kept us ‘safe and secured’.

When we step into the unknown, uncertainty will arrive for sure. 

This is the Hero’s Journey.

The Hero’s Journey is a sketch of the stages through which someone goes on an adventure, overcomes a decisive crisis and returns home changed or transformed; this person becomes the hero of his or her own story, or therefor, life story.

The Hero's Journey

Start the Hero’s Journey

Are you ready to face the trials and tribulations?

There is no way to success and victory without sacrifices.

Should that be the reason for us to not go on the journey?
To reject the call – life’s invitation – to go on an adventure?

Let’s think about it.

What will the 80-year old you think.
Will he/she be happy to not have taken the journey and lived a solid life?

This might be the case, or…

Will he/she still be curious about what you might have experienced and found if you had made the journey.

This does not have to be a ‘real’ journey, as in a trip around the world. That could be, but it could very well also be an inner journey. Or both.

Create your Dreamlife

Create your Dreamlife

The journey still can bring you back to the place where you are now, but at least you had the courage to go and explore your dreams and longings.

You lived!

Everyone had come to Earth with a Gift. You are here to find yours.

To do so, life invites you to make choices based on love for yourself, so you create a life you don’t have to get away from anymore.

You don’t have to take a big leap all at once, but you have to start the journey. You can walk the path by deciding which way you go at every crossroads you come across.

Do you take the red pill and awaken to your true self and the real world? Or do you take the blue pill, and you will remain in a familiar yet oppressive world of illusions.

The choice is yours…


Start right here and now


“Your purpose is to recognize the greatness within you and deliver it.”

~A Course in Miracles made easy


‘If you do not get it from yourself, where will you fo for it? All journeys outward ultimately lead to the journey inward, where everything you seek already exists and awaits your joyous acceptance.’

You are the writer of your own book, your own (life) story.

‘I am the agent you have enlisted to remind you of what you already know. Ultimately, there is no in and out. Everything you can imagine and experience is within you.’

“All you seek, you are.” 

Until you have found that to be your truth, practice writing from your intuition the life and world you would choose to live in.


Write your Book of Life

I help and support you on your journey back to your true self in my Book of Life – Program.


“Book of Life is an online course for people who want to learn their life story using the sacred and healing power of Intuitive Writing.”


Life is a great learning journey and everytime you enter this space you grow more and more into the promise of your Soul.

This lifetime is even more special than previous lifetimes. We are in a beginning time and there is a portal to great spiritual healing and ascension. But, you have to go all in to take advantage of this opportunity to experience exponential growth.

You can start your journey today!

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact me through or use this form.



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