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A Poem – Channeled Message – on Floods & Volcanoes and how it impacts our Transcendence.


“The world is flooding and we are just watching.


But what can we do?”


In this blogpost I share a Poem that came to me through Intuitive Writing in September 2023.

Honestly, I feel a bit scared to share this poem, although I know it is a channeled message by, Mother Earth, the Human Collective and Source Energy as a three-union, I am very well aware this might hurt or confuse, or even make same people very angry.

Therefor, I want to emphasize that this message is not meant to hurt anyone. As a human being I understand the pain of losing a loved one, let alone a child, by natural or any other form of disasters. Although, you can never truly understand the grief that comes with those kind of experiences of course, unless you have been through it yourself, which I hope you and I never will.

For that very reason, let this message by Source not be in vain, but let it be an inspiration to us all, to do the best we can in our lives. To make things matter and contribute with our actions, words and thoughts to a beautiful world in peace and balance.

A little note before you start reading:

Poems – channeled messages – can also be a metaphor for things, just like the stories in the Bible are, or yes, also the stories told through fairytales, myths and parables. Read the poem and let the words sink in.

What do they mean to you?

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Poem Flood & Volcanoes

The world is flooding

And we are just watching


But what can we do?


We don’t know which way the water will flow

Which vulcano will blow

Where the Earth will move and shake

We don’t know which city will break


As first


Is there truly nothing we can do

When nature roars?




And there is also nothing you should or would want to do

This is all necessary

How painful it might be

There is no greater force

Than Source Energy


And her goal is not to hurt and break you

But clean and make you free of the belief that more is better and when you fly high, you go faster


‘Cause nothing of that is true

She wants you, us, everyone to remember that we were born out of nothing and will return there too


We, this world, everything is energy


And can’t be broken, just set free of expectations and boundaries

Created by humanity

Now where to go, where to run to?


There is no place where you are safe, besides in your own heart when you accept the fact that nature is your Essence


It comes and it goes, like energy, it is just like an echo

It grows and it dies to become soil to that what survives

And know now, when you destroy nature, you destroy yourself too


There is a positive note to mention though

Mother Earth will always grow her Essence anew


When the world is on fire, so are we too

We are ALL in it together

Rich, poor, family or enemy


It doesn’t matter


Where your home is when it is washed from the surface like a feather

Then, we will remember our mortality and reach out to everyone, anyone that is around us


We have to work together

We have to do it together


No more islands


Only hopes, and dreams, and visions that one day nature will forgive us our mistakes


And we can live in harmony again,

The day the floods and the bursting vulcanoes are well to an end


The people will finally remember their place, their Essence


Which is not superior,

But well in place as a servant to Mother Earth and the Amazing Grace


Like Jesus washed the feet of (the) Mary Magdalene

So will we be

Not above anything or anyone, but always in between

Like a bridge over troubled water,

That is what we will be, you and me, doing justice to our ancestry and holding the promise of the new kind of human species, born out of liquid and ashes, a new empire will arise out of these floods and vulcano fires

With newly found treasures

That will not make us want more and more,

But less and less, because we have learned our lesson,

Now, that is what’s called Transcendence.

If you have any questions or comments after reading this channeled message, you are always welcome to contact me through or use this form.



Bianca ~ Be Budding