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I wrote this poem after I joined a sesson on Nine Star Ki.

Nine Star Ki is an ancient form of astrology that is intertwined with the five elements:

Fire  –  Metal  –  Earth  –  Wood  – Water

It is said that when soil and water mix, mud is formed. Water can no longer flow and the earth (the ground) is weakened. That could be so, but there is always another side to the story.

We live in a world of duality. Where there is a decline, there is also a rise.

I translated my thoughts and feelings about these two elements of nature in this poem.
May it inspire you to see the many sides of life.


Bianca ~ Be Budding


Earth & Water


People say it gets muddy
when Earth and Water meet

But this is not what I believe

I believe true magic
Is behind the horizon

Further than our eyes can see

Magic of a kind
Only Earth and Water
Can find

When they move together
Across this globe

Earth holding Water
Water touching the Earth

So nothing is destroyed
But ultimate in balance

When Earth and Water
Move perfectly together

The sun dances
Above their shadow.


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