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“.. when I was a child
living a simple life
with my family ..”

I wrote this poem in response to a newsletter from Alexandra Nash. Alex creates beautiful handmade jewelry from recycled silver with her company The Nash Collective.

In her newsletter of June 2022 she invited the reader to write something about an important memory, an experience or place. She would pick a piece of writing and create a silver piece based on the writing.

Immediately, I was drawn to the memory of my childhood holidays which I always spent in a little house in the South of Spain. You can read my piece of writing below.

If you want to see which jewelry Alex created for me, click the link below the poem to go to the post ‘Poetry Contest Waves’ on my Facebook or Instagram Account. In the third slide of this post you see the necklace which I received from Alexandra Nash.

In this post I also invite you to write a poem yourself. It should contain the word ‘waves’. Create a post with this poem on your FB or IG and tag me. After 1 week – November 21, 2022 – I will choose one poem and publish it here on my website.

Looking forward to read your piece of art.


Bianca ~ Be Budding


Los Angeles


It was Los Angeles

that touched my heart.

Not the LA in America,

but the little urbanisation

in the South of Spain.

In a village called Torrevieja.

Now, this little town has grown into a big city.

But back in the days

– when me, my parents and siblings

spent there our holidays –

it was still a bit rough.

With dry lands, orange trees,

dunes, salt sea and every

now and then we had

no water or electricity.

But I was happy

and free.

Playing in the fine sand,

diving into the waves,

like I was a mermaid.

No worries.

This place I remember.

I will always remember….

how things could be so carefree,

when I was a child living a simple life with my family.


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