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“… and the winner of the Poetry Contest ‘Waves’ is …”

The winner of the Poetry Contest ‘Waves’ is Freya O’Brien from @lonelylines.poetry

I chose this poem because I recognized myself in it.

I also found the first two sentences very powerful and experienced a similarity with the blog I wrote about my visualizations and bonding with Pegasus
– the poet’s white mythical winged horse.

Thank you Freya and all other participants for your wonderful words and energy!

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Bianca ~ Be Budding




The sun dances with the white horses
Galloping across the sea bed.
They crash and melt into the shoreline,
As birds fly overhead.

A little girl picks up sea shells
And heard the waves in her ears,
As she wishes for adventure
In the ocean she reveres.


By Freya O’Brien


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