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I had to Learn that – and how – systems can support me to Live the Life I desire – and Deserve – as a Creative!



Our dreams are 100% doable and achievable, and we can create and achieve them in a way that works WITH our unique brains and bodies, not against them!


~ Leonie Dawson


I always felt ‘different’ in this world but did not know or understand why. In an attempt to make sense of this existence I clung to safety and security, and followed the path that did not serve my Soul.

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Until, I was on the edge of a second burn-out. In that moment I knew I had to change something in my life, I let go of the security of a good job and jumped into my creative life.

Only to learn later that one is not better than the other, it is about balancing both.

Just like the masculine and feminine energies need to be balanced in your body, mind and soul. It also needs to be balanced in your ‘real’ every day life.

You can be creative (feminine energy), but without structure and knowing how to bring your creativity to life (masculine energy), you again are lost in this world.


This is a short blog to share the importance of balancing energies on all areas, especially for soulpreneurs, so you don’t end up in another burn-out.

We – creatives and empaths – tend to give it our ALL. We want to be of service to this world – and WE ARE – but we also have to take care of ourselves.

First of all, it is important that we are aware of our gift, and focus on that. We have many talents, I know. I also know this can make us (feel) all over the place.

Our bucket is overflowing with ideas and energy. But without focus – again balancing the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves and our lives – we get nowhere, and end up exhausted without any results.


As empaths and sensitives, it is important that we also allow ourselves to be helped and supported.

So, I came across a course by Leonie Dawson called: ADHD & ASD Business and Productivity Hacks 

And, although I am not diagnosed as an ADHD or ASD, I felt this course could also be very helpful to me. You don’t need to be diagnosed, or be labeled in any way, to know yourself.

I know I held on to securities in my life, because I felt I was drowning – in my creativity, emotions, ideas, and even in my deep love and dreams. Life can be quite overwhelming, can’t it?

I needed to let go of this ‘holding on to the shore’, and dive deep into my mystic being to let it come to surface again. And it did, for which I feel forever grateful!

But, after about 4 years of delving into my creative and intuitive gifts, I learned that systems are not all that bad. In fact, they can surve us in such a way that we have time and space left for our creative and spiritual endeavors.


Back to Leonie Dawson; she – and her courses – helped me in many ways to organize my ideas in such a way that I can truly manifest them and live the life I love – and are meant to live.

Only this way, by channeling our work – and with this I DO mean channeling it from a ‘higher’ source (feminine energy) than just our human being but also channeling it in such a way that our precious work finds its way into this world (masculine energy) – we can serve others and ourselves in our lives and on our soul journey.

We are the ones who connect heaven and earth, and we can bring the love to life if we recover, balance, focus and let ourselves be supported.

You can find the workshop ADHD + ASD: Business & Productivity Success here.

That it may serve you,


~Be Budding


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