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“… and the winner of the Autumn Poetry Contest is …”

I received beautiful entries for the Autumn Poem Competition on facebook and instagram and it was really hard to choose between all the great poems!

At the end of the day I had to make a choice and decided that the winner of the Autumn Poem Competition would be:

Caroline Devulder from @caromama_doula

The asignment was to write a poem containing the words ‘Autumn’ and ‘Goddess’.

Caroline has succeeded wonderfully in this. I loved the flow and message of the poem AND also the title fit perfectly with the complete image of the poem and the season of ‘fall’.

Congratulations Caroline!

My thanks to all other participants and I hope to welcome you again at future poetry contests.

You can read the full poem below.

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Bianca ~ Be Budding


•| Fallin’ |•


Trembling and shaking
Feeling the cold wind on my skin
Like an autumn leaf
ready to release
all darkness within


Held by the Goddess above
Who’s branches nurtured
and learned me how to love


Now the moment has come
I dare to let go
Into the deep void I jump
Into the unknown I flow


I swirl and I dance
Cradled in a trance
Carried by life’s wind
Leaving everything to chance


And when I softly land
on the lush forest floor
The Goddess tree whispers:
“Oh my child, there’s so much more

for you to discover and bring to this land
as your new cycle begins
I will forever hold your hand”


By Caroline Devulder

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