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How Poetry Flows through us
& Connects us with the
Wave of Life


“I welcome you to my World of

Budding Poetry.


Last week I joined the Hay House Book Writer’s Bootcamp, which felt like a magical experience!¬†

All people who are passionate about writing, connecting in one space, one online zoom – room.

It gave me so much inspiration and positive energy!

Unfortunately, the private facebook group that came with participating in this Bootcamp as a VIP was only temporary and will be closed soon – or perhaps when you read this; is already closed.

Such a pity, because for writers & poets it is so wonderful and meaningful to have a support group.

And then, I had an idea! Eureka!

Why not start a Private Community to support Poets on their writing, sharing and publishing journey myself?!

And somehow, how simple and obvious it may seem, I started to Connect the Dots.

This has always been in the pipeline of my Soul.

Let me explain:

Believe it or not, I never made the connection until today!

This is how the Universe works, all comes together over time. Truly amazing!

If you love poetry, or you are a poet, you are so welcome to join on Instagram AND in the Private Community on Facebook!

Let’s connect and flow together on the Wave of Poetry, as Life itself!

Namaste Beautiful Soul,

Bianca ~ Be Budding



Poem ‘Budding Poetry’

Words roll up the paper

Like a marble game

Tapping each other forward

To a higher level

A deeper meaning

A sense of being

A collaboration is born

Like waves becoming a sea

That is how poetry originates


A greater expression

A larger impression

Than each word separately

Creating a symphony

A composition of meaning

A living being

It is how life works

It is inviting you to play

You are the wave flowing


As well as the sea

You are everywhere

And nowhere simultaneously

This is where I stay

This is the space between

This is where I am renewed

Over and over again

As an ongoing vibrancy

A higher frequency

I welcome you to my world of

Budding Poetry.


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