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Create and Self Publish Your Book!

The step-by-step course for soul-inspired entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers, intuitives, artists & creatives ready to make their dream of their own book happen.

Have you’ve been dreaming about Creating and Publishing your own Book?

This might be a memoir, a collection of your poems or art, or perhaps a (work)book with your spiritual, mindful, yoga teachings, and so on.

The thing is, you have a Bookdream, and this Dream is calling you! But you just don’t know how, the whole process of publishing feels so daunting to you – where to start?

If this is you, then my Course ‘Create and Self Publish your Book’ – easy and affordable – is for you!

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What’s Included in This Course


Step-by-step lessons that will teach you how to create, publish & sell your own book


Learn how to design your bookcover and receive exact steps to get your book printed.


Best tips to launch, promote & sell your book even if you’re starting with a small audience. 

What You’ll Learn

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Module 1

Your Vision

Learn about different types of books you can create, brainstorm ideas and map out your unique vision for your own bookcover.

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Module 2

Your Content

Choose your booktitle, subtitle, and create the content for the frontcover, backcover and spine of your book, while making use of keywords.

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Module 3

Your Design

Steps to design your bookcover in Canva yourself, also tips on how and where to find a professional designer when you do decide to outsource your book design.

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Module 4

Print your Book

Turn your draft into a professional manuscript ready to be uploaded to the print-on-demand platform of your choice, list with options included.

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Module 5

Publish your Book

Create your author page, get an ISBN (optional) and proof copy, learn about different publishing options, and find the ideal solution for your book and soul business. 

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Module 6

Sell your Book

Learn about different ways to make your book available to the world. Sell your book on your own website, on social media, distribute it to retail stores, and more.

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Module 7

Promote your Book

Time to spread the word about your Book! Learn about best practices to launch your book, how to get visible even if you’re starting with a small audience.


This course does not include writing and editing your manuscript.
This course IS for you if you have finished your manuscript, apart from the formatting, but find the publishing part daunting!

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Complete Course

Create & Self Publish your Book

Module 1 t/m 7 – starting August 1st –

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Or Do It In Parts…

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Part 1

Design your Own Book Cover

Start with only module 1 t/m 3 – starting August 1st –

available for an Early Bird Price!

Learn how to self-publish your book cheap & simple, based on proven principles from succesful Indie Authors

Part 2

Self Publish Like A Pro!

Continue with module 4 t/m 7 – starting August 1st –

available for an Early Bird Price!

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