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“When things come Full Circle…”


It’s always difficult to decide where to start a story, especially if you believe that we all live forever and have lived through several lives.

Therefore, I will start this story where I think it begins. It’s not actually a story, it’s an experience. At the same time, our lives are made up of by stories. We humans are storytellers and have been doing so for centuries.

It is extra special that this story features a real storyteller. In fact, there are no ‘unreal’ storytellers, but everyone has their own unique talent, and storytelling is certainly this lady’s talent.

I’m talking about Tessa Koop. A Dutch woman who is connected to the energy of the 13 Grandmothers, and author of the book: Cosmic Woman.

cosmic woman boek cover

I have been following and connected to Tessa from the moment her book was just out. I experienced profound synchronicities with her and her work, which I love to share with you in this blogpost about When Things Come Full Circle.

Shattered Crystal

In 2020 Tessa organized a gathering, which I was not able to attend, but I felt very connected to her community and suddenly I had an idea.

There had been a bowl with many pieces of rock crystal on my windowsill for a long time. I once ordered this rock crystal from Want to, convinced that it would be 1 large piece.

However, upon arrival it turned out to be a lot of small pieces. I did not expect this, but apparently I had not read the description on the website properly and therefore I could not return it.

Someone had given me the tip to give away the rock crystal pieces to friends and other people. So when I couldn’t attend Tessa’s meeting, I decided to send the crystal pieces to her. She could hand them out to those present and ask them to plant them as seeds of light. No sooner said than done.

Small detail or information worth knowing: Tessa worked at Want to Know for years, I didn’t know this at the time. Chance? You say it.

Fast Forward

A couple of weeks ago I did a guided meditation where I connected with my star family and guides of the Pleiades. In that meditation I received a Gift.

A Portal of Light opened up and I have to say that I was very suprised when Tessa stepped through that portal with a Crystal Skull* in her hands.

* Tessa works with 13 Crystal Skulls in her Yurt Gatherings; crystal skulls have mystical psychic and healing powers.

Tessa Koop Yurt Gathering

I shared this experience with Tessa and to my surprise she said that she had an idea which crystal was for me, but she had to tune into a bit more first.

To be honest, I did not understand what she meant exactly. I thought this was ‘just’ a meditation and in energy I might experience and receive more clarity later, but nothing more.

That is always how it works, isn’t it? We receive signs and hints, which we do not understand all at once. We just notice them and leave them to be. There always comes a time, where all parts fall together and we gain a greater insight.

The same goes for this experience. So, I left it at that, and did not think too much about it, but also I actually did.

We know there is profound meaning behind these kind of synchronicities,
but we can’t force or fake an outcome.

Full Circle

Then, one day, I received a message from Tessa in which she shared that she wanted to gift her own rose quartz crystal skull to me. I almost could not believe it. Never ever I had expected such a surprise!

If I have learned one thing over the last couple of years then it is that if the Universe wants to give something to you, be open and willing to receive. So, I did and was very grateful for Tessa’s gift.

She explained that she already felt that this particular skull was ready to travel to the next person, and when I shared my experience in the meditation she knew it would be me. Tessa also said that crystal skulls can never be a property of a person, so we never really own them. They are here to serve the ones they are called to serve.

I can’t describe how this feels to me, it is beyond words. Tessa gave this crystal to me hoping it would offer me lots of love and inspiration for my work, and I feel so blessed.

The moment I received the skull I first had to get used to her, she radiates a very strong and powerful energy. It took me a couple of days to be able to hold her and welcome her in my arms, and somehow she felt like a baby that returned to me.


It felt like a cycle completed, like the shattered crystals turned whole again.

This beautiful crystal skull, given to me through the hands of Tessa Koop, invited me strongly to step through a portal and enter another level of my being. I intend to be a good keeper and use the skull in service of my work in this world.


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In my next blogpost I will share about the first meditation I experienced with this wonderful and powerful crystal skull.

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