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I am here for you…
Loving, welcoming, encouraging and supporting your process and transformations.

~ Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters

This blogpost is about the unseen connection between all the feminine souls & energies that are here, in this lifetime, to help to remember ourselves and other souls who we are and bring the divine back into our communities and this world.

It is a continuation of a Magical Moments letter I sent to my soulfamily, which told the beginning (if there is something like that) of the Tale between me and my Soul Sister Carol in this lifetime.

I feel deep gratitude we have found each other (again) in the bodies we live in, in this moment of time.

Let the story continue…

The story continued with this painting by Carol (@artbycarol2020):

To me, this piece of art by Carol reflects the true Essence of the concept of ‘Soul Sisters’.

It radiates pure love and serenity, embodying the idea that we lean on each other. Supporting and cherishing one another. The spirals in the artwork accentuate this bond; a connection that deepens and echoes throughout lifetimes and centuries.

The Butterfly symbolizes infinity and feminine strength, the gift of reincarnation.


I believe this painting reflects not only the deep Soul Connection between Carol and me but is a reflection of all the Sisters of Light supporting each other on their way.

We’ve incarnated, here and now on this Earth, to co-create a New World.

Synchronicities guide us on our path but also to recognize each other. The synchronicities between Carol and me were, and are, so strong and profound that it feels like we were born from the same star.

The serendipities around this painting were so apparant, that we could not ignore to believe that her painting & energy was most likely destined to journey to me.

Carol resides near Mount Shasta. I find my haven on a small former island near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. On the surface, two different worlds, yet energetically and through ley lines, we are intertwined, connnected to the stardust grid encircling Earth.


This piece of art – Soul Sisters – had deep ties to the fairy realm and energy.

During the creaton of ‘SoulSisters’, Carol’s hudband Leo called her outdoors, asking if she wanted to witness a real fairy!

What she saw outside was almost surreal. Leo captured an image of a Golden Dragonfly which was pausing in their garden.

When Carol shared this interference with me and showed me the photograph, I was left amazed.

Because, suddenly I remembered I had purchased a Golden Dragonfly necklace for myself, and I almost never do anything like that.

The jewelry came with a special note:

This all reminds me of a piece of intuitive writing someone once wrote when he tuned into my energy:

“Bianca the butterfly…peeking out from under the leaves, where the fairies live with angel wings, spinning through the sunshine, zip zip zoom, leaving a trail of pixie dust…”


ALL is so Magically woven

The artwork features a Butterfly. A few years ago, a cherished lady from Canada – whom I affectionately call my ‘Fairy Godmother’, gifted me a crystal butterfly.

Unfortunately, it arrived broken into 7 pieces.

When I showed it to a friend, he said it might return to me in another form. And behold, the Butterfly now graces the ‘Soulsisters’painting, and it is soon travelling my way.


Magic is real

Life is Magical. Truly!

Even more synchronicities surrounded this magical connection between Carol and me through her art. For example, Carol had recently visited a park with her children, and she now realized that there were dragonflies there too!

Speaking of Magic, the tune ‘follow the yellow brick road’ from the Wizard of Oz played repeatedly in my mind.

One morning, my daughter sent me a picture she took as she walked to the bus early that morning.

What I saw was a yellow brick road which was created by the golden light of the morning sun shining on the street which was still a bit wet of the night rain.

This picture is real, no filter:

What this has to do with the painting?

Well, magic is all about following the flow and connecting the dots.


By hearing this song from the Wizard of Oz and witnessing the golden brick road in the photo of my daughter I felt called to google the song and listen to it.

I was surprised to see in the video of the song that the yellow brick road started as a spiral:

The Spiral that is also on the painting Soul Sisters and on the painting I earlier received from Carol called Breath of Life.


Soul Sisters


Breath of Life

Carol wears the spiral as a tattoo on her wrist as it is of great meaning to her.

She shared this knowledge about the Spiral with me:

“The spiral is one of the oldest symbols that exist in Celtic culture. It symbolizes the concept of growth, vital force, expansion and reincarnation, using itself as a respresentation of time and the movement of stars.”


I hope you too experience life with such wonder! ALL is connected and works in spirals.

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Magic is ALL around us, you just have to be open and willing to connect & receive.

Namaste ~ Be Budding