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How the Northern Light showed itself to me and started talking


My poems are so much more than just words. It are messages from the great unseen intelligence that surrounds us all. In fact, we are part of it. We are all channeling creation.

To hear the whispers of the Universe we must be silent, in the moment, of service and connected through our heart with this field of energy.

In my Meaningful Moments  newsletter I share more about the gift of Intuitive Writing. This is the ‘tool’ I use to translate the message into human words.

I also dive deeper into the meaning of the poems, because there is so much more in them than can be seen at first glance. If you like to learn more about it, you can subscribe to my Meaninful Moment Letter.

For now, feel the great wisdom of the Northern Light:


The Northern Light


I have been
challenged by
a lot of darkness


But I survived
My Light still

Stronger than ever

I am a Flashlight Star
Clever, beautiful and funny

I won’t hide who I am


I am bold and fierce
No longer to ignore

Explore, grow, explode

This Galaxy is made out of
All of us


And no matter
How many times
I will be challenged

I will always evoke


To the human kind

And my dreams
Will always shine bright
And lighten up the dark sky

So there will be no more place for evil to hide

Dismantling all that has been disturbed
In the people’s mind

I find
Unity lives behind
The darkest night

And I will



I am the unbroken
The sun that always shines

Maybe…I am divided
In countless parts
But that’s fine

My little pieces of gold
Will always find
A way

To offer a Magical Sight



The Northern Light.


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