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I am between times

And between timelines

The process of shedding of the old

Has begun, while the new

Yet has to be born.

I read somewhere that these

Are the times that the monsters

Come, and I forgot about that,

But yes, it is true, in every parable

The challenges show themselves

Between the old and the new.

I remind myself, and I keep reminding

Myself, that I am not dissolving

I am in the process of becoming

Older, stronger, wiser, more loving,

More gentle, more patient, but

Also more real and more fierce.

A dear friend pointed me towards a podcast by Tara Brach, I had never heard of her – how is that possible, right?! – but I loved listening to her podcast on grief, dying and living.

One thing stood out to me and that was the words she quoted:

“The joy is in getting real. Not in if good things are happening or bad things are happening”.

 It is all part of the game. The question is: ‘Are you ready to ‘play’? Are you ready to go on that adventure – The Hero’s Journey –  where nothing stays the same? Where unpredictable things happen, and magic and danger can be around every corner.’

This is the Invitation of Life.

We have to walk through this phase, because when you stay home, it might feel like life will always stay the same, and we are safe.

But we are not, you know. When you resist the change, destruction is on her way. I don’t mean to be negative or to make you scared, I am trying to convince you that there is nothing bad about the new life that is announcing herself, and wants to be born through you.

You know it, you feel it, you sense it.

It is like a big billboard you can’t ignore! This sign is for you, and you know it. When you ignore it, or push it away, it will only become stronger and bigger.

We are between timelines.

There is nothing to be afraid of, it is what we came for.

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Namaste Beautiful Soul,

the time is now, we did not come here for nothing, let the water wash away all your troubles, for you came here to create something that is bigger, beyond what you believe and can perceive right now. That’s why the Spirits are here with you, to help you and guide you, on your way to your Promise. Believe and you Shall see.


Be Budding

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