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“Let there be Light
in the Heart of Darkness”

This poem resulted from a personal initiation, which I went through to remember, learn and practice to keep shining my truth and inner light, especially when I am surrounded and challenged by a lot of darkness.

Let yourself be inspired by poem ‘Torch’ and remember that no matter how hard the circumstances may look, you carry the light within you that is needed to transform your reality into a world you want to see.




I don’t choose sides
I never did

I walk my own path
Across borders
With my lampion lit

A little Light…

Let that be enough
To open the eyes and hearts
Of the ones

That are stuck
And victimized
By their own thoughts


They’ll start to see

The beauty and dignity
That is kept safe
Within me

As I cross oceans
And walk between seas


Both sides will start to recognize
That I am not a geek or a goofy
And certainly not a guru

But that I carry something
very precious inside

A little light
A candle flame

Just like you

I learned to have no shame

I carry my genius like a torch

Showing both sides the hidden game
They did not even know they were playing

I invite them
To also walk between worlds

So that the imaginary world
They thought was real
Will collapse and burn…

Things must fall down first

Before paradise can return.


Go to my blog ‘Shadow of the Light’
if you want to learn how to walk among shadows.