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How to walk among your shadows?

As some of you may know I have created a Work Book to go with my Poetry Book Between Worlds.

I came up with this idea after following an intensive session on mindset and listening to the wise words and insights of a real shaman for an hour. I felt my body become so filled with insights and that night I had one idea after another.

One of these ideas was creating a workbook for my poems that would allow people to feel what the channeled words stir and awaken in them.

There was one specific poem that caught my eye the next day, after I drew a card from my card deck. It was the poem ‘The Beast’.

Poem ‘The Beast’

This poem starts out quite dark, like many of my poems. The poetry collection Between Worlds is therefore about the transformation of dark into light and this translates into my poems.

In this poem I talk about ‘the beast’; that can keep you small and dependent. I don’t tell who or what the beast is though. It is a metaphor for events in your life that continue to trigger certain wounds in you.

You can call this darkness too.

But somewhere along the poem the energy changes. The ‘little me’ remembers who she is, what her worth is and how wonderful she is. The voice of Source speaks to her and reminds her of her Essence.

The last few lines of the poem are my favorites:


“Grow slowly little flower,
bigger and stronger
time is on your side,
as it always was.”


I believe we all have these kind of experiences where we forget our own value and we start pleasing and admiring things and other people outside ourselves.

This poem reminds me that we can always come back to ourselves. And, in fact, the outer circumstances are only incentives that offer us the chance to bring to light what we are hiding for ourselves.

Our beauty, our gifts, our power, our wisdom, our love, our empathy, our crystals.

Workbook Between Worlds

And this is the very reason why I created this workbook!

Because I don’t want you to only read the words from my poetry book and then put it beside you and go on with your life as you used to do. I want you to ‘work’ with the poetry.

Well, it actually is not something ‘I’ want, it is what Source wants. I believe the poems were given to me, to birth them into the world, to not only shine a light on my inner world, but to help others to do the same.

And yet again, it is what I want, because my Higher Self is part of Source, as so are you and is your Higher Self. We are connected and therefor I am convinced that the poems can offer you healing on a certain kind of level too.

I invite you to let yourself be inspired by the poetry book and dive even deeper with the work book and start walking among your own shadows, your beasts.

You don’t have to be afraid. You are safe.

Darkness is part of Yourself as so is Light.


You can order the workbook here.

If you have any questions, or you need help and support on your journey, you can always reach out by sending me a message.


Bianca ~Be Budding


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