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A Poem On Inner Peace and Duality


We live in times of transition. This poem is a thought on how to walk through these times of change with peace and dignity.

The poem ‘White Flag’ is from my first poetry collection ‘Between Worlds’, which is now available worldwide.


White Flag


To fight or embrace

the shadow of the Light

To find or veil

the power buried inside

A deep dark hole

is inside every soul

No longer to ignore

it is part of us all, I’m sure

We hide our troubled stories in there

pretending they don’t exist is not fair

Look into the depths of the Soul

it wants us to show

Black and white

is what forms the whole

Yin yang, the core of being

no censoring, but experiencing

Equal to each other

live side by side

Dark magic

will turn into Light

Instead of fighting

look yourself in the eye

Be brutally honest and know

there is no you and I

Who is without sin

cast the first stone

Peace starts within us

that is all we need to know

Like the sun we rise over water and land

to shine our light and expand

Our point of view

and see it clear

There has always been

a heart and spear

We live in a space of duality

but we decide our own reality

Penetrate, go deeper still,

until there is no more need to fulfill

Imagined limitations and expectations

this is how we find ease in our relations

And as the storm has died down

our home is found

Turning the unity consciousness

into a Bright Lightness

The world will sparkle and shine again

the Garden of Eden for women and men

We lay down our fist

finally, we’re in the place where

Unconditional Love exists.



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