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“I launched a Saturday Writing Prompt!”

I was inspired by Beth Kempton to do an online writing prompt as a tool to delve into our inner, hidden & creative world.

But also to connect with, and learn from other poets, intuitives and writers.

For the Saturday Prompt of April 2024 on my facebook, instagram and tiktok account I asked people to let oneself be inspired by their own or someone else’s back door.

To feel into what this word has to tell them using the technique of Intuitive Writing.

As promised I’ll share the words of one participant here, on my blog site:

The piece from @jezzywrites is a perfect example of how a ‘simple’ word can reflect your inner being, and perhaps tell you more about your state of mind or feelings.

Yes, poetry is for the brave ones…

For the ones who are daring and willing to explore their inner worlds, and are not afraid to share about them through writing.

This truly is important, because suppressed emotions and thoughts can get stuck in your body, resulting in a blockage of your energetic and physical life energy.

Intuitive Writing can not only be used as a creative outlet, but also as a healing, meditation, and manifestation practice.

If you want to experience this for yourself, you can join my Heal & Write Course,
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