Where to start when you are lost…?


“The Divine Souljourney”


That’s what I was wondering. That’s where my story began. I started my souljourney, which turned out to be a true adventure.


Journey Into The Soul

It was November 19, 2019, when I quit my job overnight. I felt out of place, for a very long time. Trapped and a slave to the system; the way in which society is organized.

For years I tried to fit in, ignoring my inner feelings. Until that day.

The bucket overflowed.

One thing I knew for sure: whatever happened, I would never go back to a ‘normal’ job.

There was something under my skin that wanted to show. That wanted to be heard, seen and felt. I was aware that if I ignored my inner voice once again, I would physically get ill.

My soul was calling. Do you recognize this feeling?


Back To The Beginning

Back then, I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. The clutter had clouded my mind, my being, for years. I had strayed far from who I really was. I wore a mask, like so many. Now, the time had come to find myself again.

To see through the fog I started writing. Intuitively. Putting my thoughts on paper had always helped me see more clearly. But this time there was something different.

A story unfolded.

Like a parable of my life, and all the lifetimes I have lived and will live. Yes, I do believe in incarnation. Do you?

It literally showed me how life is one big voyage of discovery; an experience of who we are.

I began to unravel the fairytale; the story I have told myself over and over again. Other people call it ‘Karmic- or Ancesterial Wounds’, but for me that implies that there is something to heal. I don’t believe that. I believe we are whole and perfect souls that are on a journey of discovering the truth of who we are.

And, there is nothing wrong with fairytales, but before we can start to live our dreamlife and create a new story, we have to identify all the characters that played a role in our previous tellings. A role we ourselves assigned to them. Let’s be clear on that.

There is nothing outside of us that we did not create. Do you disagree, or want to challenge that statement? That’s fine. We are all here to interact with each other and explore our life experiences.

I invite you to keep an open mind, I will do so myself too, and join me on this soul searching journey. If anything touches you deeply along the way and you want to share or connect with me, you can always send me a message.


The Journey Of Our Souls

In this blog I will share a glimpse behind the scenes on how my first novel Lost & Found – which I intend to publish in 2022 – came to be.

You get to see the story behind the book. The process, insights and journey of the soul.

I love it when you travel with me, as this is not only my story. This is also your story.
A story on humanity, daily life, family and history. But also a telling about archetypes, myths and legends and how they are entwined into our lives.

About the extraordinary times we live in. About all the possibilies that will reveal themselves, soon, when you believe.

It is a story on who we truly are. Come and follow me to a place where magic does exist.

Let’s go on a souls journey together.


Welcome to:


Lost & Found

~ Behind the Scenes ~


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