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When you Discover that All is truly Connected


When your world opens up, and you start to see the world from a greater perspective, you start to notice that all truly is connected. In this blog I share some personal insights and experiences on what we humans call:


What are Synchronicities?

Synchronicity is a concept first introduced by Carl Jung. He was one of the pioneers of modern depth psychology and worked a lot with this concept.


“Synchronism is a concept to describe circumstances that appear meaningfully related yet lack a causal connection.”


He has written many books, but the one that fascinates me the most is ‘The Red Book’.
It is a work of prophetic and mythical connections which cannot be classified under anything.

“Once there was somewhere a Flower, a Stone, a Crystal, a Queen, a King, a Palace, a Lover and his Beloved, and this was long ago, on an Island somewhere in the ocean 5000 years ago… That is Love, the Hidden Flower of the Soul. This is the Center, the Self.”

-Excerpt from The Red Book–


The Red Book allows for multiple interpretations and that’s exactly why it resonates with me.


In my work I am committed to self-exploration and I like to challenge and inspire others to do the same.

“Self-exploration is the examination and analysis of one’s own unrealized spiritual or intellectual capacities.”

From my point of view the spiritual ànd the intellectual need to be explored. When those two worlds connect, we can begin to get a bit of understanding of Life itself in general and our own lives in particular.

This is exactly what I did through the poems in my Poetry Book Between Worlds.

Poetry Book Between Worlds

It is also what I teach with my Intuitive Writing Courses. And what I practice in online writing groups and 1 : 1 – coaching. If you are interested send me a message.

Conscious and Unconscious

It was in one of those writing circles that I surprised myself with a piece about water, flyig fish, flood, pegasus and flying to the clouds where God was sitting and waiting for me … like I was a messenger on a horse with a note for the King in the Middle Ages.

This is the ‘spiritual part’ of the work which I also mentioned in my Instagram Post about this experience.

conscious and unconscious

For many years I did not take my mystic abilities serious. I kept them hidden; under the water and unconscious. But when even a respected psychiatrist like Carl Jung can be open about his dreams, visions and spirituality, so can we!

Bring it to the Surface

There comes a moment in time for every soul when you have denied yourself to many times. This is the moment when it comes to the surface calling your name.

It happened to me when I was about to fall into a second burn out in 2019. But this time I realised, if I would deny the calling again my life would get worse and I would get physically ill.

That wasn’t worth it to me. I surrendered and gave into the calling. This was the moment the poems appeared to the surface, the conceiving of my first poetry book Between Worlds.

I literally moved between worlds. I exchanged the world of intellect for the world of spirituality, and this was when Covid started. These two years gave me time to explore my inner world and connect with nature and spirit.

In the vision with the flying fish, I was a fish living underneath the surface, until I discovered my wings and that I could fly. That gave me the opportunity to see from another perspective. I could see above the horizon where was a whole other world.


Now, almost three years after I quit my dayjob, I start to see that we are meant to travel between worlds. We are not only of the spiritual world or of the material world. We are the bridge between both of them.

We can go above and below the water, like flying fish.

infinite souls

This is the work we should be doing. This is how we learn through lifetimes and grow as a soul. This is what I am called to do through my poetic and creative work.

I am here to inspire and challenge other souls to walk the same path. To connect their inner and outer world. To be an alchemist of the heart and the bridge between worlds.

A Higher Perspective

In my vision with the flying fish I transformed into a woman on a Pegasus as the world flooded. The Pegasus is a mythical winged divine horse, which reflects progression through successive generations.

My message to God – Spirit, Higher Intelligence, Source, … – was:

The World is Ready!


 At the time of the vision, which I received through the practice of Intuitive Writing, I didn’t understand a thing about it. One of my fellow writers even had to explain to me that being under and above the water was a metaphor for unconsciousness and consciousness …

This is the learning process we have to allow ourselves to go through. Transformation can’t be forced, it can only be experienced by doing the work; be willing to open up and explore your ideas and dreams.

This is the work Carl Jung did and I believe the world is ready for many people to walk this path of becoming aware. It is time to wake up and discover your own wings.

Time to Connect

As I saw these wings in the clouds two days ago I knew:

“It is time to be who you are.” 

angel wings in clouds

It is time to birth our soul into being upon this Earth. I have explored my Inner Well the last couple of years and I am here to help and support others to do the same.

Perhaps, you already are on your path, travelling the journey of the soul, but you can need some support and inspiration.

Or, maybe you hear the calling but just don’t know where to start. I am here for you.

I reach out to you

I hope you now understand that transformation of yourself and the world is a process. It takes time in this world of materiality, but it is the way to walk.

As you can see through all the synchronicities I received over the couple of years – and it is ongoing – there is an unseen connection between the material and the soul and we are the ones to connect them.

Through my work I invite you into this soul work.

The poems and affirmations from my book and card deck help you to get back into alignment when you feel lost.

In my course ‘Know Yourself’ you dive deeper into your sacred space where you can connect and find yourself over and over again.

If you want more personal support you can contact me for a 1 : 1 – zoom call.

The time is now to open your wings and fly.


Bianca ~Be Budding



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