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A Smoke Signal – Channeled Message – from the Spirit of Martin Gray for those he loved.


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

~ George Santayana


December 4, 2023

In the evening, as I was sitting at my writing desk, I heard two sentences in my head:


I am writing again!

And this time I don’t need you to give me inspiration and flow..


I have enough experience with Intuitive Writing to know when a message wants to come through.

Intuitive Writing is connecting with the present energy and let the words flow through you. You don’t think what you are going to write. You just listen, and let the message come to paper without knowing what the next sentence, or even what the next word, will be.


Intuitive Writing is Channeling.

I often channel my own energy; messages that come from my Higher Self. Things hidden deep inside, which I am unaware of, until the knowledge floats to the surface throught the act of connecting with my soul using intuitive writing.

When I write intuitively, I am in a kind of meditative state and fully absorbed in the present moment.

Let’s go back to the evening of December 4., as I was sitting at my desk and the same two sentences kept repeating in my head, I gave in and surrendered to the calling.


The calling to write.

Nowadays I often use the note app on my phone in these types of cases. This was also the case on this particular evening. I started to listen en write, listen and write. In a state of flow and surrender.

I did not expect it to happen, but it did, a name came through; the name of Martin Gray. To be honest, I had no idea who this was, so in between the writing I quickly googled his name and found out he was a writer and Holocaust survivor.

I returned to the phone app and kept on writing, receiving the words that wanted to be received. The Spirit of Martin Gray was communicating with me from the space between worlds. He didn’t just speak for himself. No, he spoke on behalf of all those who suffered from the Holocaust.

Before I continue and share more about this experience, I will share the message I received from him:


For Those I Loved

I am writing again!

And this timeI don’t need youto give me inspirationand flowThis time,I am my own sourceThe tree from which I grow.This timeI don’t need youto tell me if I amright or wrongThis time I write my own love song.And to be honestIt sounds quite goodWhat do I say?It sounds even better than the books of Martin Gray.How do I come up with this name?I google and am a bit ashamedA writer known from his Holocaust storiesBut you know,it is actually notthat strange thatit is his energyFrom which I am now pouring.Through Intuitive WritingYou connect with the world between worldsAnd you receive the messagesThat want to be heard.Now, it is his turnYes, I am still talking about Martin GrayAnd what he wants to say isThat if we are not careful,The world will end up the same,As we have seen beforeDo we want this?It will happen, if we ignore,The callsThe shoutings of those who did not surviveWe are obliged to them to not suffocate lifeBy chosing sides.There is only one side that needs to riseAnd that is the side of love, respect and freedom,So this is also the reason why I will sing my own song from now onBecause suppression starts very close,Keep faith, hold on to what you knowFor yourselfAnd don’t let anyoneAnyone!Tell you right from wrongIt is our own heartThat knows the true love songIf you listen close,Martin Gray says,You will know which roadWill guide you to your true home.A place where everybody belongsWhere no one tells you that you are wrongWhere love is the first languageAnd native songs belong to all.


Martin Gray ~ channeled through Be Budding


I share this message from the beautiful soul of Martin Gray, because I am obliged to do so. He contacted me to use me as a channel and put this message out into the world.


The world is on fire, again!

If you feel his words, I strongly urge you to share this message with everybody you know. Use all your connections and social media to spread his smoke signal!

He uses the word ‘smoke signal’ in particular. The smoke signal is one of the oldest forms of long-distance communication. In general smoke signals are used to transmit news, signal danger, or to gather people to a common area.

We now have the internet and we can use this medium to our advantage and good cause, so let’s do so!

For Those I loved

The title of this blogpost is the same as the title of the book by Martin Gray – For Those I Loved.

As I said before, I did not know Martin Gray, until yesterday evening. I am not amazed though that the title of his memoir represents the same message as the channeled poem. This is the magic of Intuitive Writing, it opens the door the unified field that connects all. 

Let it be a warning and call to action.

I also love to share the first review I found on his book ‘For Those I Loved’. It says:

“I live” with these words begins the story of Martin Gray who tries to tell his life story in this book. A unique story in which survival is central and written in a way as if Martin Gray was sitting next to you and telling it to you. From the outbreak of war, to the horrors of Treblinka and the horrific forest fire that destroyed his life again. A shocking story about the strength it takes to start over again and again. This moving story about unlimited courage for life makes you forget what you complain about in everyday life and makes you appreciate that you should be happy with the fact that you are alive. That you should always appreciate life despite the setbacks that a person encounters on his or her life path. Rarely has a book made such an impact on me as a reader. Thirty years from now, this moving story by Martin Gray will still haunt my mind.
My rating 5 out of 5 stars.

What a review, right? I now also understand why he uses the word ‘smoke signal’.  Well, I ask him now how to end this blogpost and he says:

share – share – share.

Like a smoke signal.

Pass it on, from the one, onto the other. So the message will be seen, understood and heard worldwide.

Use the WorldWideWeb as your firewood,
because we – on the other side –
cannot bare to see the past happen again.

Don’t choose sides, Be the Light.

Listen to the Call of Martin Gray!

Copy this link: and share with everyone you know and on all your social media accounts.

Let’s pass on this smoke signal and create a web of light in this world that feels quite dark sometimes.

If you have any questions or comments after reading this channeled message, you are always welcome to contact me through or use this form.


♥ Unfortunately, the Channeled Message was misunderstood by some, that’s why I recorded a Podcast to explain the Essence of the Message a bit further. Click here to listen to the Podcast.



Bianca ~ Be Budding