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A Poem – Channeled Message – from my
Inner Child who has traveled through lifetimes.



In this blogpost I share a Poem that came to me through Intuitive Writing & connecting to my Heart.

You also can connect with this part within yourself using Intuitive Writing.

Writing on a regularly basis helps you to strengthen your connection, for this you can use my Write Your Heart Out – Digital Journal.

‘Here, I AM’

I am done with shifting my beliefs.

What if my beliefs are real,
And always have been

What if it is NOT about
Listening to what others
Have to say

What if it is TRULY about
Listening to my heart
To hear her pray

To hear my inner child
Talking to God

Because she knows God exists

How does she know?

Well, obviously, because God is very close to her heart

So, she does not have to yell hard
Neither does God

They speak to each other in
Soft voice and intimate circumstances

When the world is quiet
And the stars lighten up
The dark blue evening sky

My inner child is present,
Yes, she is closeby,
And I don’t want to abandon her
Ever again

All she longed for was for me to love her and hold her heart in my hands

So, Here I AM

This is what I believe:

I don’t need to prove myself to anyone, I only have to come closer to the one I always was.

Unlearning, social distancing, walking my own path

It might all be part of my walk to my gentle heart, that needs my own selflove and acceptance so hard

Not yours, not anyone elses in this world

I am not saying this out of hurt, revenge or anger,

I am saying this, because I finally know that my own Soul is my anchor.

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