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“I lost myself
in the process,
thought I had to
sell myself,
when all
I had to do
was to be me.”

I find it hard when someone says I did something wrong. It triggers the perfectionist in me. But how did the perfectionist in me arise? In this blog I write about my experiences and insights I gain during my souljourney, while I grow into myself.

Inner Child Awakening

The perfectionist in me comes forth from the broken Inner Child within me.

The child that wants to be seen.
The child that wants to be hold.

We are now that adult ourselves. We can be the one our inner child used to need when we were young. We can wrap our arms around ourselves.

Time to let go

A few days ago a loved one passed away unexpectedly. On the day of ‘All Souls’. The day I would launch my Work Book Between Worlds. This was the moment when I knew I had to let go of everything.

The perfectionist. The urge to do everything perfectly. The control. I was confronted with the fact that life is not controllable. Again!

All we can do is put an arm around ourselves. To hold ourselves. Acknowledge when our shadowshide rises; the other side of the coin.

Let things take their course

I stopped. I stood still. I stand still now. I feel and experience what is here.

The launch of the workbook suddenly doesn’t feel that important anymore and yet it is. She probably wanted to be born in peace rather than with great fanfare and noise.  Exactly as I am in my core being.

These experiences of darkness are here to brings us back to ourselves. To see where our light, our inner child, truly lives.

Our great life force

I heard in a podcast that the inner child represents your life force. Your joie de vivre. 

That does not always have to be announced big. It is more important that you can see and acknowledge what is present within your soul.

That is exactly the reason why I created the workbook. To search for the hidden treasure within yourself. To polish the crystal and put it in the spotlight. You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops to let the world know how beautiful you are.

You have to believe it and see it for yourself to step into your own Light.

Let your Inner Child come to you

The saying ‘Let the children come to me’ takes on a whole different meaning. Integrate your inner child-pieces. Acknowlede the shadow, the hurt, welcome them into love, put them fully in the light to be transformed and integrated into your body and being.

That way you heal what has been unseen for so very long and you increase your starlight. The result is a happier life in which you are more resistant to influences from the outside.

You grow to be a beacon of light for others when they experience and go through deep pain, sadness and hurt. You can assist them as they go through the process, by standing next to them. In silence, where everything can be received.

It is a learning curve

Life is a learning curve. The Circle of Light through which we are born and re-born.

We don’t have to critize ourselves, but we can – and must – be criticial about which way we choose. Witnessing our own darkness is not always easy.

There is no easy way out…

But when we are prepared to do this ‘work’, we will grow more and more into ourselves by trial and error. Each one of us has to do this healing for themselves. This way we can turn this world into a better place. Together.


Bianca ~Be Budding
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