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A Poem – Channeled Message – from my
Inner Child.



In this blogpost I share a Poem that came to me through Intuitive Writing.

A little note before you start reading:

Poems – channeled messages – can also be a metaphor for things, just like the stories in the Bible are, or yes, also the stories told through fairytales, myths and parables.

Read the poem and let the words sink in to feel what they mean to you.

You can use Intuitive Writing to get in contact with your own Inner Child.

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‘Kingdom will Come’

I feel…

Like I have lived

A thousand

And a thousand


Still, I can’t seem to find my way out

Through paradoxes

And whispers

And snowflakes

And sunrises

Announcing a new day

Spring has begun

Another life

Another round

I am born

And reborn

I play, I search, I find

Only, to get lost again

In the forest

Of all these lives

Which also could

Be just One

The One Life

Where I always

Will sleep in my

Pink wooden bed

Made and painted

By my dad

The room

With the

Soft carpet

The old


Which used to

Be my grandmother’s

The pink curtains

With a little cat

On it

A cat which

Always looked

Outside the window

When everybody was sleeping

Never showing

Her face

Never looking

Me in the eyes

Always looking outside…

Is this my fairytale

Is this my life

I will live over and over again

When will the church bells


When will I know

Who I truly am

And where I will go

What the point

Of living is

Why I am so blessed

And others have so much sorrow

When it is day

And the curtains

Are open

It is not the

Cat, but I

Who looks outside

My bedroom window

Over the garden

And the ditches

Towards the harbor

Where boats

Arrive and leave

Where tourists visit

This village

Not noticing

This little girl


Behind that window

In that little pink room

Who will never leave

Will always stay

Stay waiting

For what?

The next life

The next wave

The next sunrise

The next bird to land on

Her windowsill

Breathing life in

And out

Watching the clouds

Watching the trees

Watching the chickens

And pigeons

Of the neighbour,

Being free

More free

Than she

She does not know where
To go or what to do

In this pink room
She is the Queen
And she plays that
Her barbie doll Ken is
The groom.

Imagined lives
Played out
In the scenery
Of her toys

She sets out
So perfectly
Every day
To relive
The part
Where she got bored

Bored of this one life
She can’t seem
Able to escape

Or not wiling
Here she feels safe

With her mother and father
Her brothers and sister
This is what she knows
This pink little room is her Existence

Where she can hear
And imagine
All her hidden
Dreams and histories

Her memory
Of galaxies
Her longing
For the elves
Her need for
True love

Her connection with
The One Deer
She holds so near

She feels lost
In this room
In this life
In this forest
Full of clouds
Filled with rain

That will wash away
Everything she now
She got lost in the game

The only thing she can do
Is be silent and look to
The world from behind
The glass

That one day,
This unseen war
Will end.

That she will be free
And dance
From the nighfall to the
Morning sun

Liberated from all the restrictions
One day, that Kingdom will Come.

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