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Welcome Beautiful Soul,

I wrote the poem ‘Sacred Garden’ (see below) on Easter 2022 when I thought about my sacred secret garden, my inner space between all spaces, where I connect with the core of my being.

It is a space where I feel totally happy and where all is well. Where I can connect with nature, myself and well, with everything actually.

Where messages show themselves through stories and images. Where I can be for a while to be still and listen to the whispers of my soul.

To hear your true voice you need to be relaxed and at ease. The voice of your soul is always reassuring, but you have to make space for it. Time and clarity to be able to listen what it wants to tell or show you.

It is a kind of meditation, but you don’t have to ‘think’ about nothing. On the contrary, let your imagination lead the way. Just follow your fantasy to where it wants to take you. Maybe you see a garden, castle, clouds before your inner eye. Maybe you see nothing, but smell particular scents, or hear songs. All is well.

This is your space. Only you can enter it. To help you to connect with your own sacred garden I have created a written meditation which you’ll find here.

I am also working on an intuitive writing course called ‘Know Yourself’, to guide you on the way to your true self. By joining the waitlist I will keep you updated about the content of the course as I am still working on it. You’ll also be informed when the course goes live. You can decide at that moment if you want to participate or maybe at another time.


The advantage of registering on the waiting list is that you will be one of the first to get access to the course for an attractive price because I greatly appreciate you as a reader of my blogs and poems.


For now, let yourself be inspired by the poem below and I hope to see you inside the course ‘Know Yourself’ soon.


Bianca ~ Be Budding


Sacred Garden


When I descend to my inner space, my secret sacred garden,

I enter a place where

Dandelions and daisies
Are spread like confetti
Over the green grass

Where hares graze
And little lams play

Where is only one
Oak tree

Under which
My grandmother sits
On a blanket
With a picnic basket

And I write poetry

Where is a cave, a waterfall,
A lake

Mountains, rainbows,
And a stairway to heaven

Surrounded by purple, golden, blue skies

I smile

In this space between spaces
My soul is fully alive

My hair is long
My body strong

I wear a white dress

I swim in the waters with Yeshua and Maryam

And life is endless.


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Know Yourself.