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A Conversation with my Soul


After my decision to leave Instagram (blog: ‘Why I left Instagram’) I tuned into my Soul which evolved in a poem called:


‘Soul Talk’

I surrendered to the transquility of my Sacred Space and wrote down the words that entered my consciousness. This poem showed me again that we create our own reality. If there would be a time to step out of ‘old stories’, that time would be:




Bianca ~ Be Budding


Soul Talk


Who am I to trust you?
Who am I to know your truth?

Where are you taking me?
Where are we going?

How will I know that my mind
will be freed of sorrow?

Of worries
Of angst
Of pain

How do I know that the way
you are showing me is the way to

True Change?



You don’t know
and maybe you’ll never will

It is a matter of

Trust & Belief

You’ll have to take the risk
in order to fulfill your dreams.

Honestly, who knows what is real,
and what is not.

This whole world is fake,
it is a


A school to learn how to

release yourself of all your limiting ideas.

Spread your wings,

Fly Free

and your world will know no boundaries,
only opportunities

– pixels, flowers, chemistry –


A doorway to

True Liberty.



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