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Some musings on the Power of Creation…


“Love, is the force of Creation.

Hate, is the force of Destruction.”


~ Be Budding


Free Writing

Some Sunday morning Free Writings to explore my inner- and outer world:

Love, is the force of Creation
Hate is the force of Destruction.

Both equally exist in this world of duality, where actually is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it just IS.


What is the one without the other?

Without the idealist the realist

does not dream

Without the realist

the idealist is

never able to make a difference

No, one can’t exist


the other

And therefore there is

only one that exists

And that is:




~ a fragment from the Poem ‘IS’
from the poetry book Between Worlds by Be Budding.

The Power of Creation

IS, is the space where we get to create whatever we want. Where Free Will exists; that is what the Universe is made of.

Destruct what you ‘hate’, create what you LOVE.

‘Where attention goes, energy flows’


Meaning: You Give Life To What You Give Energy To.

Grow your Rose

Destruction is not all that bad you know…

Sometimes you have to let go of what does not give you any flow. Just for the sake of LOVE to come to fruition.

It is like weeding; removing unwanted plants from an area of ground.

Although all plants have their own beauty and purpose it does not mean you have to let your flower be overgrown.

The roots of roses grow deep and time has come to create some space so your unique flower of resilience and wisdom can overcome the destruction other plants have laid upon her existence.

“You have to smash the glass bell, in order to see
what your Rose has to tell.”

~ Be Budding


Soul Talking! Writing Sessions

Every Wednesday I am the host of the Soul Talking! Intuitive Writing Circle.

You are welcome to join and start hearing and listening to what your Rose – uhh Soul – has to tell.

Let your Soul do the talking, while you do the writing!

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Bianca ~ Be Budding