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A glimpse behind the scenes of the life of a poet, writer, and soul writing coach…


“Poetry is like a lifeline;

  it literally saves lives!”


~ Be Budding


Before I tell you why – and how – poetry saves lives, I’d like to tell you a little more about how I spend my days as a writer, poet and soul writing coach.

Poetry Prize Contest

I learned about Central Avenue Publishing through Alix Klingenberg . Alix is also an insta poet, and after self publishing her first poetry collection – Secrets and Stars – she wanted to publish her second poetry collection through a traditional publishing house.

She found her home within Central Avenue Publishing and has now published her second poetry collection with them, called Bread Sex Trees.

As I watched her process; the transformation from a self-published poet to a traditionally published poet, I too became curious about Central Avenue Publishing. I did some reseach and learned about the Central Avenue Poetry Prize; a contest open to anyone internationally.

The four winning poems and up to 50 additional poems will be chosen for publication in the second annual Central Avenue Poetry Prize; an anthology that showcases new poets from different countries and life experiences.

I decided this would be a good opportunity to:

  1. see if my poetry is worthy of a ‘prize’;
  2. see if my poetry can make it into an anthology;
  3. experience communicating with a publishing house.

Now, the challenge is to select 5 poems from my collection of hundred poems from my self-published poetry books Between Worlds, When Two Worlds Meet and my free writing on Instagram.

Ugh, how does anyone choose between her babies?! Well, we shall see how it goes.

If you want to hear the outcome, subscribe to my Magical Moments Letter (if you not already did), and I will keep you posted…


ebook between worlds

The Power of Collaboration

One thing I’ve learned from self-publishing two poetry books is that you can’t do it alone.

As Amanda from Awaken Village Press says:

‘It takes a Village to birth your Book.’

I met Amanda through Tara Davis – who in turn I had met at a bestselling masterclass retreat by Gabby Bernstein. Tara has now written and self-published her book – Becoming Tara – with the help of Amanda and the experts at her company.

Awaken Village Press works one on one with authors to bring forth what it is you have to say in the most authentic, honest, and inspiring way. I am so happy to collaborate with this woman and her company! 

Amanda serves with her knowledge on writing, editing, and publishing during her one-on-one coaching, while I guide people to the Soul of their book with my Book of Life – course.

In the future we will host an online session together to share more about our services to help people make their dream come true – by writing and publishing their own lifestory.

If you are interested, send me an email and I will put you on the list of people for this online session. Or, you can book a call with Amanda directly.

Amanda has written two books herself:

ebook between worlds

Third Poetry Book

In the meantime… poetry for my third poetry collection has risen to the surface.

And, a warning is in order here.

My first two collections of poems reflect the play between light and dark, where the light mainly dominates and breaks through. However, the poems for this third collection took me back into the darkness. Something I didn’t expect, but apparently it was necessary for the real breakthrough!

The year 2023 was, no matter how much I tried to resist, a dark year. I believed, and hoped, that after Covid the world would change and the Age of Aquarius would take off. Instead, we saw wars arise and worsen, something we thought would never happen again in the 21st century.

Perhaps that is part of the process of true awakening…?!

Observing this happening in the world, also teaches us something about ourselves. And so, I too felt the struggle within. For years I refused to step into my darkness, after all I am a Child of the Light! But I have learned, through this process and the poems that came to me, that the dark is not an enemy, but a part of our being.

I never believed in the Dark Night of the Soul. I thought it was nonsense that you could only find relief through pain, I thought it was much better to follow your pleasure and bliss and avoid pain.

I came back to this. Writing about my darkness has taught me that I can move through it and that there is always light on the horizon.

This will be the 3rd collection of poems in the ‘Worlds’ series, but in fact it is the 1st book in the series, even though it was written last. It was the book I never wanted or dared to write. But it had to reveal itself; without darkness, no light.

Are you willing to face your own darkness?

I will share more about this in future blogs.

For now, I’m getting ready to birth this 3rd collection of poems – hopefully in May 2024 – because Miracles can only be seen in the Light.

Poetry Lifeline

At the beginning of this blogpost I promised I would share how and why poetry saves lives.

Well, because poetry is how we share our hearts, and when we read the words of other poets, we come to understand ourselves, and the world in new ways.

We see that we are not alone, and that is so very needed at this moment in time, and in this reality. It connects us with our Soul, Mother Earth, and the Universe.

Intuitive Writing is a way to deepen our awareness; allowing us to travel across time and space. It always has, and it always will be. It is a way to bring Magic to Life.

It is a Way to Bring you Back to Life!

If you want to write about your life – dark and light – in community, you can join my weekly Soul Talk- Sessions, where we are going to listen what our Soul has to say.

If you already are aware of your dark beliefs, but you didn’t manage them to bring them to Light, you can join my online course Heal & Write; 7 days of rewriting and transforming your stories.

If you want to stay updated about my work and my upcoming poetry book you can subscribe to my Magical Moment Letter (if you not already did).


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Bianca ~ Be Budding


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