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What is commitment and what does it mean to me?

A reflection on ‘commitment’…

I always felt strongly about commitment. I expect loyalty from my friends, family, well, from everyone actually.

Why does this mean so much to me? And what does it say about me?

I ask myself these questions, because if there is one thing that I have learned from walking the spiritual and healing path, is that when you expect something from someone else, it actually tells more about yourself than about the other person.


A couple of years ago I received a first karma-reading. This is a soul reading told through a story. It shows you where and how your first karma was created.

Karma you came to solve in this lifetime and which manifests itself as conditions, (limiting) beliefs, judgements and so on.

In that story my father was taken out our house and killed. So much is stored in this event, like:

– the relation between the masculine and the feminine;
– being and feeling safe;
– fear of abandonment, and so on.


There are so many layers to this…

So many layers to peel off, to look at, to examine, to feel, to experience and to heal, so you can move on.

I feel that I have been strongly committing myself to my father and mother and to our family. I would do everything to maintain peaceful relationships, even in my own family which I have created.

I feel responsible for the happiness of everybody, when of course, I am not.

Family systems

There is so much about family systems, we don’t have to figure it out all at once. There aren’t victims and perpetrators. We are all in it together, perfectly set into place to offer an opportunity of healing and growth.

I have been thinking to whom I feel committed and if this commitment is based on healthy grounds, or that they are based on fear and/or old ancestral and karmic stories.

There is a big chance that I am committed to things for the ‘wrong’ reasons, but this also brought me to this moment and space in time.

This moment were I can recognize my stories and be compassionate to myself. And also, even more important, it gives me the opportunity to choose and act differently.

Breaking patterns

Again, there is no right or wrong, but there is a difference between living consciously or living an unconscious life.

To know what ‘commitment’ means to you, you have to examine what you do and why you do it. Then, you can start to choose to commit to things and people for the right reason.

This is being aware.
This is breaking patterns.

This is how to create your dreamlife.

The energy of 2023

I feel 2023 will be year of transformation. Big shifts are possible!

The energy of this 7-year offers us a chance to walk a different path.

There is so much possibility of healing and growth in this year’s energy. It makes me excited!

On the other hand, it won’t be easy. ‘Cause healing asks us to make different choices than we did before, and that can give inner and outer conflicts.

It’s like getting sober. We have to follow through and not take that drug anymore that kept everything under the radar.

With ‘drug’ I mean: anything you do or take to not really feel what is within.

This can be a shopping addiction, alcohol, food, pleasing, keeping yourself small, sex, work and so on…

Healing work

We have done a big part of the healing work over the last couple of years. We should know by now what we want (our dreams) and what we don’t want (our addictions) for ourselves.

2023 is the year to commit yourself to these values and choices. Wholeheartedly.

To walk the talk. To say goodbye to things and people that have not served your soul. It is time for you to choose you, and this time it is for real.

It is now or never! I hope you feel this too. I hope you did your part of your inner work, so you can step into next level coming year.


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If you need more help I advice you to see a professional in healthcare. You are a wonderful being and deserve a beautiful life. Ask for help if you need.

I wish you a peaceful round up of 2022 and hope to see you healthy and sound in 2023.

Bianca ~Be Budding
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