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The Greater Meaning behind Poetry


My poems are so much more than just words. It are messages from the great unseen Intelligence that surrounds us all. In fact, we are part of it.

We are all channeling creation.

To hear the whispers of the Universe we must be silent, in the moment, of service and connected through our heart with this unlimited field of energy.

Intuitive Writing

I use the gift of Intuitive Writing to put into words what wants to be heard.

Intuitve Writing is like a state of meditation where you write down what comes through without thinking. This is the way my poems come to me. I open myself to be a channel and give birth what Spirit wants to share with us.

I am often amazed about the deep truth, love and knowledge that shows up on paper.

Poem ‘Northern Light’

This was also the case with the poem ‘Northern Light’. I did not know it was a message from the Northern Light until I wrote the last sentence. This is how it works…

Just let the words come through you.

Through Intuitive Writing the Field of Unlimited Energy can connect with you. It is the web of Life that is weaved through all of creation. Through this web information can be transmitted with ease by telepathy.

For instance, let’s look at the following words that showed up in the poem:

I am a Flashlight Star…The sun that always shines…My little pieces of gold

I did not understand them. I mean….what is a Flashlight Star? But I just wrote them down, trusting it were the right words.

Higher Intelligence

After I wrote the whole poem, and knew it was a message from The Northern Ligh, I became curious and searched on the internet for more information.

I learned that the Northern Light is created when electrically charged particles from the sun enter the atmosphere via the north or south pole of the Earth. Ahh, so the words I wrote were right indeed!

The Northern Light is the Sun that always Shines.

These electrically charged particles from the Sun (protons and electrons) are thrown into space during great solar activity: a solar storm. That also explained the pieces of gold in my poem.

When these parts of the Sun react with the oxygen and nitrogen of the atmosphere it causes red and green colors.

I did not know any of these things, until I received this poem through Intuitive Writing and did this research afterwards. How amazing is that!

This is how Magic comes into being.

But wait, there is more…

‘How about the Flashlight Star?’ you might ask.

Well, I googled on the word ‘flashlight’ and found that this is not only a portable hand-held electric lamp, but also another word for magnesium light.

I also learned that Magnesium is everywhere and always around us: in the greenery of the plant world. Plants turn green because of the magnesium they contain. Magnesium has a strong luminosity in it, which is related to sunlight.

Magnesium is a catcher of light; an element that connects us to the sun. When you light magnesium, it shows its sun-light power. In the form of a thin ribbon, it burns even brighter than the sun.

Magnesium is all light.

All is connected

A human has in the blood almost the same structure as chlorophyll (leaf green), in the form of hemoglobin. In hemoglobin there is no magnesium in the center, but iron.

Chlorophyll is green and hemoglobin is red – do you notice that this are the same colors of the Northern Light?

Those are complementary colors. Chlorophyll carries the sun and with it life inside the plant, hemoglobin carries the oxygen inside the human being and thus also brings life.

There is another contradiction. Man exhales carbon dioxide that the plant needs, the plant secretes oxygen that man needs. In this way there is mutual interaction and connection.

When two worlds meet

Magnesium comes to us from the heights of the Cosmos and from the depths of the Earth.

Just like the Northern Light; as the parts of the Sun meet the atmosphere of the Earth!

Magic arises in the meeting of two opposites

I deeply feel we live in times where dark & light meet and are challenged to work together.

We can see this in the physical world right now and it is shown to me through the messages I have received through intuitive writing.

Get connected

It is very important to ground ourselves, but also be open to connect with the unseen world, to travel through these challenging times full of possibilities (also a contradiction…??).

In my upcoming course Know Yourself,  which will start in the Autumn/Winter of 2022, I will learn you to connect with your Inner Peace. A first essential step to be able to receive and hear the messages the Universe is whispering.

And this is so very needed….

The more people learn to tune in, the more the Higher Intelligence grows and the sooner the New World can arise!


Bianca ~Be Budding



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