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This message I received on Pentecost Morning 2023 through the Gift of Intuitive Writing:


“What are you looking for
You don’t already have

Why do you always want more
Or something else?

What is not good about your life
You’ve created thus far

Why, do you think the grass
is greener on the other side of the porch

Take care of your own grass
and see how gracefully and abundantly
it will grow when you feed it
with water and fertile soil.”


The message continues, which I will share further on in this blog on the True Meaning of Pentecost; the meaning as I received it through the Gift of Intuitive Writing which I will share below.


Channeled message on Pentecost

I was pretty nervous when I posted this message on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Posting these kind of messages might come across like I am a ‘channeler’; ¬†a person who conveys thoughts or energy from a source believed to be outside the person’s body or conscious mind.

To be honest, I struggle with the idea of ‘channeling’, because it might give people the feeling that I am special or have an extraordinairy ability. And that is not the case…

What is Channeling?

Here is my take on channeling:

I don’t believe channeling is ‘fake’, but I also don’t believe it is only for a few of us.

We are all channelers!

So, I don’t claim or pretend to be a channeler, I am a channel and so are you. We all are channeling the force of creation every moment, every second in our lives. We have the ability to connect with everyone and everything in this whole wide world, and Universe, like all Nature does.

Everything is energy in motion and we are the receivers and the senders through which the energy travels, like everything is and does in this Galaxy.


A Way to Channel

Intuitive Writing is a (my) way to channel and to connect with that field of energy that is ever present. By connecting with my Sacred Space I enter a meditative state and the messages can come into my consciousness.

On Pentecost Morning 2023 I tuned into my Sacred Space, where I often meet the Spirits of Yeshua and Maria Magdalena. I believe they were people who once lived on this Earth and knew the Laws of Nature.

I don’t believe we are sinners. I believe that is a story made yp by men/church/people in power to keep us small and attached to fear.

I believe we are powerful beyond our perception of this world;
our perceived reality through our physcial eye.


The Message of Jesus

Jesus knew, felt and believed in the Universal Law, Source and Force of Creation. This creating power resides within us too, because we are part of it.

This is the creative energy that make miracles happen, and you and I can ‘do’ this also!


There is no order of difficulty in miracles.
One is not “harder” or “bigger” than another.
They are all the same.
All expressions of love are maximal.

~A Course in Miracles


A Course in Miracles is a book written by Helen Schucman. The underlying premise is that the greatest “miracle” is the act of simply gaining a full “awareness of love’s presence”in a person’s life. Schucman said that the book had been dictated to her, word for word, via a process of “inner dictation” from Jesus Christ.


Channeled Message

Back to the message I received from Jesus on Pentecost Morning 2023. It continued like this:


“Stop complaining about about what is
wrong, or what you miss in life

Start living with and appreciation
what is right before your eyes

I promise you this: every sorrow
will disappear when you examine
it closely, you will come to the
conclusion it never really did exist.”


Not sharing this message would not be fair and would dishonor the Presence of the Spirit of Jesus and my connection and friendship with this Soul, which I have felt all my life.

Since I was a child I have been talking to Jesus, and I love him very much. He feels like a warm and close friend who always walks besides me, and is here for me when I need him.


Jesus and Maria Magdalena

Jesus is the expression of an enlighted human being, as so is Maria Magdalena. They represent the Masculine and Feminie Energy, integrated into Oneness.

When you know the story of Maria Magdalena and the Cathars (read the book The O Manuscript by Lars Muhl) you know how the Masculine Energy – the power of action – was present in Maria after the crucifixion – the act of surrender – of Jesus.

All is interlaced.
All comes together and we are the embodiment of this ‘coming together’.

We also can integrate our Body and Soul into oneness and create Heaven on Earth according to the lessons of A Course in Miracles.


Unite in your Sacred Space

Through Intuitive Writing and connecting with your Sacred Space you will be able to unite The Masculine (Body) and The Feminine (Soul) energies and connect with the infinite and unlimited field of Creative Energy.

By this very act of creating and surrendering – it is a collaboration – I received and published my second spiritual poetry collection When…Two Worlds Meet.

That’s also the reason why I started this book with the following words:

body soul masculine feminine union sacred energy healing

The channeled poems in ‘When…Two Worlds Meet’ describe the union of two worlds; the sacred marriage between Body and Spirit.

A cosmic awareness everyone of us can achieve, or in fact, already carry within us. We just forgot about this luminous space that is ours and available to enter any time we like.

Write your Life

The channeled message by Jesus which I received on Pentecost Morning 2023 continues and ends like this:


“It was all in the mind

Once you understand this deeply and start
living a simple life, all the demons, all the
fear will evaporate, leaving you a clean
slate from where you can start to write
your own Book of Life.

If I could do it, so can you.

Write your Life.”


~ Jesus


We are the creators, the writers, of our own Life. Once we truly understand and believe this, we can create every possibility in our life.

pentecost book of life jesus god creator

From my heart to yours, and with love and greetings from Jesus and Maria Magdalena.


Bianca ~ Be Budding