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“Not till we are lost, in other words,
not till we have lost the world,
do we begin to find ourselves”

~ Henry David Thoreau, Walden

When I started with Intuitive Writing, in search for my Soul, I kept it secret for family and friends. Why? I needed to create a safe and holy space for myself so my Soul and I could meet.

In this blog I am going to share why it is not ‘weird’ or ‘wrong’ to do this sacred healing work in solitude. In fact, stillness is required.

Sacred Space

In my previous blog ‘Sacred Space’ I’ve shared the transcription of a meditation I use to enter my sacred space. The sacred space is a place where you can find yourSelf over and over again according to Joseph Campbell, the spirit father of the Hero’s Journey.

A sacred space can be a space in your imagination as well as a space that really exists. Actually, both are necessary to enter the space of inner peace where you can connect with your Soul.

But how to create time and space for this in the busy world we live in? Here I share 5 tips that will help you on your way!

How to create time and space for yourSelf

First of all it starts with allowing yourself to go on this spiritual inner and healing journey. We often look and ask for permission outside of ourselves, but that is the wrong way to travel.

If you still feel you are blocked and held back by limiting stories in your mind or environment I encourage you to join my Heal and Write – Intensive.

In this e-course I guide you through the 7 most important topics in life. I use Intuitive Writing exercises to unravel your beliefs and start to re-write your story. It all starts in the mind.

When you do this, together with the sacred space meditation and the tips in this blog to create time and space for yourSelf, you are beginning to remember your Essence and changing your reality into something magical.

You become the hero of your own hero’s journey!

5 tips for creating your Sacred Intuitive Writing Space!

Okay, let’s go! Here are the 5 tips to create time and space for your sacred writing practice:

1. Stop watching television

Truly, it is a waste of time. You become a consumer instead of a creator. It is a kind of hypnose and does not allow space in your mind for your own fantasy, imagination, wonders and magic. It washes away your Soul and makes you forget your own creating power. Instead, burn a candle and start writing from your intuition.

2. When you wake up early, get up!

This seems so obvious, but how often do we stay in our bed? Spirit wakes you up early for a reason, it has something to say! When the world is still asleep you can hear the soft voice of Spirit, your Soul, your Higher Self much louder. Take advantage of these hours and start writing your own Book of Life.

3. Get out of your Soul draining job

Ai, this is a difficult one and can cause some resistance. But honestly, how can we hear the voice of our Soul when we resist every call? Let me say you one thing, you can’t get out of this life alive, so you better make it a wonderful ride!

I really started hearing my Soul more loudly and got more clear on my purpose and what I came to do the moment I quit my dayjob. There is so much to say about this, because it is not just about having ‘fun’ in your life. It is much deeper.

It is about your health, your relation with yourself and your environment, living a meaningful life, and so much more. I could write a whole new blog about this and I probably will. Subscribe to my free Meaningful Moments letter to stay updated about new spritual and intuitive writing blogs!

4. Notice the little moments in time

For example, I notice the voice of my Soul is louder when I am cooking. Somehow, this is a kind of meditative practice and the channel between me and my Higher Self is more open.

Start noticing these little moments for yourself and make sure to have a piece of paper, journal or your smartphone nearby so you can catch the messages that enter your consciousness at those special times.

If you want to practice more with writing from your soul and legacy, get my Work Book Between Worlds  and unravel your stories to create your dreamlife.

5. Use travel time as sacred time

People often use the time they travel (by bus, train etcetera) to their work to scroll social media. Stop that! Instead, listen to whale songs and start free writing in the notes on your phone. Remember, transform yourself from consumer into a creator. Creating is our natural way of being. Reinforce that.

By doing so, you also awaken your clairsenses. I share more about the clairsenses and how intuitive writing helps to strengthen those psychic abilities in my 3-week spiritual writing course ‘Discover your Life’.

Start discovering, creating and living the life you are meant to live. This is your Soul Purpose!

I hope these tips were useful to you! If you want to share any thought, you can send me an e-mail through this contactform. I always love to hear from you!


Bianca ~Be Budding